CEO Roger Ver Lawsuit Is About Buying BTC Vs BCH Fraud’s CEO Roger Ver has openly propagated and evangelized Bitcoin Cash, saying that Bitcoin Cash is the “True Bitcoin.” However, last month this support threw him and his company into a whirlwind of controversies when it was discovered that they changed “Bitcoin” to “Bitcoin Core” and “Bitcoin Cash” to “Bitcoin” on the block explorer found and elsewhere on the website.

Many readers and critics were outraged by this revelation, out which the most prominent was @MoneyTrigz who took it upon himself to set up a class action lawsuit against the website, that professed that was purposely misleading users into buying a cryptocurrency of their choice.

In the support of the lawsuit, @MoneyTrigz and other admins had set up a website called , and a Telegram group which was made for victims of the deceit to come forward and shares their experience. People who have lost money or bought a wrong currency from the scheme could submit their evidence and join the lawsuit.

To the disappointment of @MoneyTrigz and other supporters of the lawsuit only 0.39 BTC amounting to a total of $4,000 USD of donations can be raised. These donations came from only 33 transactions, once again proving that when it comes to outrage, most people are not willing to put money where their mouth is.

@MoneyTrigz clarified to the unhappy users that without additional funds, nothing substantial can be done to Roger Ver, who is a multi-millionaire who can afford a fleet of lawyers. He says he is going to refund all the money they have raised in their effort.

Even though the class action lawsuit has been dropped, this incident has instilled fear into the company which will make them think twice before pulling off a trick to mislead its consumers.

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