There are various methods for storing digital assets, but one of the oldest and perhaps most popular is to use a paper wallet, also known as a cold wallet. This is essentially a paper that holds funds, contained as printed sets for both a public and private key. The wallet is secure, so long as no one has visible access to a bill’s private key. features a paper wallet generator and now, the platform announced that it updated the portal so “anyone can easily create a bitcoin cash-loaded bill that can be spent at any time.” To access this feature, simply create a BCH private key and print the paper wallet using a secure printer.

To enhance security mechanisms, the platform recommends that users download the platform’s paper wallet source code and then create a seed using a device not connected to the internet. Once done, print out the finished product using the platform’s yellow and black design, cut the bill out, and if one wants, laminate the paper to ensure durability over time.

The platform’s paper wallet design makes it easy to maintain security as well – just fold the private key section over and use tape to seal the private key from view. Once these steps are completed, place the wallet in a safe location and when ready to spend bitcoin cash, just access the funds in the digital wallet by scanning the private key QR code. The software will then sweep up the BCH. The platform also makes it easy to load the paper wallet – just send funds to the public address. The paper wallet can be loaded with infinite funds.

As the platform ultimately states,

“If you are looking for a secure and convenient way to store your bitcoin cash then check out our bitcoin cash paper wallet generator. In as little as five minutes you can create a paper wallet and keep the BCH in a safe place that only you have access to. With a little practice you’ll become a BCH printing machine.”

However, it is also important to note that unlike traditional currency, there is only 21 million bitcoin cash – forever.

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