Bitcoin Core (BTCC) Crypto Hard Fork of a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Created For Trolling

BTCC a Hard Fork of a Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The world of cryptocurrencies has a new digital asset known as BTCC, or Bitcoin Core. This is not a new way to call the legendary cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as some Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enthusiast use to do, but instead, it is a totally new virtual currency that split from BCH’s blockchain.

Bitcoin Core (BTCC) – What is it?

The situation started when a group of enthusiasts decided to create a new cryptocurrency that aimed to improve Bitcoin Cash mining algorithm. This currency was known as Bitcoin ‘Clashic’ but it did not prosper.

But another group of developers decided to create Bitcoin Core (BTCC). On its Twitter account, the team wrote:

“Bitcoin Core ($BTCC) is to compliment Bitcoin. And run along side it, by acting as an express lane for core values, speed and privacy. We are the cool cousin that’s a good wingman. Unlike the other hating and trying to steal ur [sic] girl.”

But this crypto is special because it is already trolling Roger Ver, a major proponent and supporter of Bitcoin Cash and the community. Currently, Roger Ver is totally opposed to Bitcoin, calling it ‘Bitcoin Core’ and re-naming Bitcoin Cash ‘Bitcoin.’

Some individuals argue that this does not help the crypto community in general, because it generates confusion among the newcomers.

Bitcoin Core (BTCC), says on its website, that it is the currency that Ver was really talking about when he speaks about Bitcoin. Indeed, the block explorer of the Bitcoin Core (BTCC) currency is known as This is something that Bitcoin Cash supporters tend to say when they talk about their currency BCH.

Of course, there are several currencies that use trolling as a method to show the weak points of other coins, Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is getting and receiving a lot of attention.

According to the Bitcoin Subreddit moderator BashCo, the cryptocurrency has an important and serious element as well. During a conversation with CoinDesk he commented:

“BTCC is interesting to me because it disrupts malicious attempts to rebrand bitcoin in order to promote an imposter coin.”

But there is also an interesting branding during the last year, Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast have been calling Bitcoin Cash ‘bcash,’ Which is used as a despective way to mention the famous hard fork of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Core (BTCC) has been created as a way to confuse people and think that Bitcoin core (BTC) is bitcoin. This is what Ryan X. Charles, co-founder and CEO of Yours.

But jokes aside, an anonymous spokesperson from BTCC, said that developers want to upgrade the protocol, add confidential transactions, and other features. He commented:

“Bitcoin core developers are committed to delivering a unique value proposition, adhering to core value and offering increased speed and enhanced privacy,”

About all this situation, Alistair Milne, bitcoin investor, said:

‘Trolling level 10001.’

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