Bitcoin Core, listed under the symbol BTCC, is a cryptocurrency that aims to return to the “core values of bitcoin”. Find out what that means today in our review.

What is Bitcoin Core BTCC?

Bitcoin Core, found onlidne at, is a cryptocurrency project not to be confused with the Bitcoin Core software – the main bitcoin software available online at Bitcoin Core, or BTCC, is a totally separate project that doesn’t appear to be related to Bitcoin (BTC) in any way aside from a name.

What’s the point of Bitcoin Core?

The official website describes how BTCC wants to “return to the core values of bitcoin” by creating “open source, peer-to-peer electronic cash.” The creators of BTCC obviously feel that bitcoin has moved away from that goal in recent months.

Bitcoin Core is a fork of bitcoin (BTC). The project seems to want to introduce similar things to Bitcoin Cash, including larger block sizes, but with a different leadership team.

As of June 2018, one BTCC it priced at around $3 apiece. The currency may seem legitimate at first glance. There’s a block explorer, a wallet, and other tools. However, let’s take a closer look at how BTCC works to determine if it’s a legitimate project.

How Does Bitcoin Core (BTCC) Work?

BTCC’s website and social media feeds are filled with statements about how the project “rejects bitcoin’s leaders”, including the “self-proclaimed authorities, false prophets, and fake Satoshis.”

With that in mind, the project’s core values aim to recapture the core values of the bitcoin project.

Bitcoin Core (BTCC) vocally supports bitcoin (BTC) and spends a lot of time attacking Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The official website describes bitcoin (BTC) as “the thesis” and Bitcoin Cash as “the anti-thesis”, while Bitcoin Core (BTCC) “is the synthesis of core values and big blocks.”

What exactly does any of this mean? It basically means BTCC is trolling BCH supporters and propping up insecure bitcoin (BTC) supporters. The BTCC website is filled with similar statements. Here are some of the “core values” of the BTCC project:

  • There are no leaders involved with the project
  • “Cryptocurrencies, like human beings, are vehicles for values”
  • “Freedom is realized through following one’s Core values, not external authorities”
  • “This is a federation of sovereign individuals united by our Core values”

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is a fork of the bitcoin blockchain. The team claims they’re not seeking to replace bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Instead, the goal is, according to the official website, “to compliment [sic] bitcoin, and run along side it, by acting as an express lane for core values, speed and privacy.”

Bitcoin Core might seem like an amateur-designed project with a shoddy website and poor marketing. However, to their credit, the team has released a wallet. That wallet is available through Github.

You can also purchase Bitcoin Core (BTCC) today through Crypto Bridge (a decentralized exchange), join a BTCC mining pool, or view the BTCC block explorer.

Aside from these technologies, however, BTCC is pretty much a joke, as we’ll find out in the next section.

Is Bitcoin Core (BTCC) a Real Coin? Is This a Legitimate Project?

What’s the point of Bitcoin Core (BTCC)? The website features no coherent information about the future of the project or what its specific goals are. The website is riddled with spelling mistakes, random attacks on Bitcoin Cash, and awkward phrases about sticking to “core values”. It’s impossible to decipher what BTCC’s team is trying to communicate.

So is any of this a real project? Or is this just some troll attempt against Bitcoin Cash supporters?

The answer seems to be the latter. As far as we can tell, Bitcoin Core is just a troll attempt by bitcoin (BTC) supporters against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters.

The troll comes from the fact that BCH supporters refer to bitcoin (BTC) as “bitcoin core”. BCH supporters are doing this to distinguish between their “true version” of bitcoin, BCH, and the “legacy version of bitcoin”, BCH.

Now, Bitcoin Core (BTCC) wants to add to the confusion by introducing a “real” coin called BTCC. They’re hijacking the name, which means BCH supporters can no longer refer to bitcoin (BTC) as bitcoin core.

Confused? That’s okay. The community is a mess right now, and Bitcoin Core is just another example of the mudslinging being conducted by bitcoin (BTC) supporters against BCH evangelists like Roger Ver.

EthereumWorldNews had a good writeup about Bitcoin Core’s project if you want to learn more about how it’s basically just a “troll coin” against Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Core (BTCC) Conclusion

Bitcoin Core, or BTCC, is a cryptocurrency seemingly launched to troll Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters. Today, some BCH supporters refer to bitcoin (BTC) as “bitcoin core”. To add to the confusion and troll BCH supporters, someone introduced a “real” coin called Bitcoin Core, or BTCC. That coin is available to purchase from a single exchange online. There’s even a BTCC wallet, a block explorer, and a mining pool. Aside from these basic functions, however, BTCC has no point and no future. It’s a pointless cryptocurrency designed to troll BCH supporters.

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