Bitcoin Crown: The Cryptocurrency for Online Gamers

Online gaming has continued to flourish and is recognized as one of the most stable segments in the technology sphere. A loyal audience of gamers supports it and the growth of mobile technology and the expansion of the high-speed internet only make things better for this industry. The two factors have also led to the development of the digital economy and of the virtual currency market. Studies show that virtual currency has already taken 0.1% of the global money transactions.

However, with this growth there are challenges. One such challenge is payment fraud. It is estimated that for every legitimate virtual purchase 75% virtual items are lost to fraud. Assets that are stored and managed online are open to manipulation and fraud. Additionally, game publishers and communities rely on third-party platforms to process virtual goods transactions. This leads to high fees and slow transactions. Virtual items also lack true ownership and are rare. They are licensed to the gamer and can only be used on their propriety platforms, which means there is little transparency in these platforms.

Additionally, most digital items and currencies are often locked to a single game and are not transferable. Another challenge is the lack of open standards for decentralized currencies and assets in the games. The users do not know what to expect on such platforms. Forum gaming software and content management system are lacking in gamification features and users are often not rewarded despite their contribution and participation.

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Bitcoin Crown Offers The Solution

Bitcoin Crown is a digital trading token that is set to give developers, gaming communities, and content creators the needed crypto-backed value and the tools they need to implement and manage virtual goods.

Users of the Bitcoin Crown platform can earn and trade virtual goods in this popular gaming online community. The platform will use SDKs to allow for multiple languages and wallets. This will allow the platform to be open-source. Online gamers can bring or trade their products from game to game or from community to community. This will see their wallet value increased as they play. BTCC minted tokens will further create trust and security with minimal transaction costs.

Bitcoin crown has millions of users who socialize and work together to create unique communities, virtual economies, and game content. By providing the tools these users need, BTCC empowers the creators to monetize their content. Sandbox games such as Minecraft are very popular online. Using BTCC coin the platform will promote a culture of passion, pride, and collaboration by giving the players more control over their game content. Players that feel value will keep returning and this will lead to increased revenue for publishers and makers of content.

BTCC Token Sale

  • Investors can get BTCC from the token sale during the pre-ICO and the ICO stages by exchanging fiat currencies with other cryptocurrencies through selected exchanges.
  • The allocation of the digital coins during the public sale will be 50,000,000 BTCC
  • 70,000,000 available tokens
  • The accepted payment cryptocurrency is ETH
  • Early investors that invest during the pre-ICO stage will get 40% pre-ICO bonus.

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