Bitcoin Dapps Improvement Proposal (BDIP) Becomes New Standard Model for Bitcoin Cash Developers

Developers for Bitcoin Cash have been rather busy over the last few months. After creating the Yenom wallet was created, they have been working on other BCH applications and tools for the community. One of those developers, Shun Usami, revealed a new proposition model on November 3rd for these kinds of proposals. The new model is being called the Bitcoin Dapps Improvement (BDIP) standard.

Since re-enabled opcodes were brought back in May, the developers have been launching new applications like and Bitdb. Usami’s new BDIP standard is helping with the dApp development with the help of the BCH blockchain. It is a lot like the EIP model from Ethereum, though the original version of this type of support was made in 2011 for the Bitcoin Core network. The new BDIP system also outlines the function of the applications and the processes associated with it.

According to the BDIP GitHub repository, the point of the standard is to offer a “concise technical specification” and a “rationale” for the feature. The author is meant to create the consensus, while providing documentation of “dissenting opinions.” Developers believes that this is the best way of tracking the dApps on the BCH chain, allowing programmers and users to check on the progress of the implemented code. They also have the ability to provide feedback, check issues, and see the activity of the participating developers.

The repository also says, “For Bitcoin dApp implementers, BDIPs are a convenient way to track the progress of their implementation. Ideally, each implementation maintainer would list the BDIPs that they have implemented. This will give end users a convenient way to know the current status of a given implementation or library.”

Based on the outlined specifications, there are three different types of BDIPs, including:

  1. A standard track
  2. An informational BDIP
  3. Described processes associated with the new dApp

Every proposal has to provide a detailed account of the intentions of the decentralized application. The creators of the BDIP advise the authors to “vet” the project that they are working on for both usability and originality. The repository commented, “It helps to make sure the idea is applicable to the entire community and not just the author.”

Once the process was announced by Bitcoin Cash, Gabriel Cardona, BCH developers and creator of Bitbox, posted to Twitter. He provided details of how he is responsible for developing the first BDIP called DApp ID. DApp ID is described as a “unique identifier for a single dApp protocol with the specification of the dApp.”

Along with BDIP’s creation, the developers proposed a new protocol for deep link payments. These same developers have also been awarded the first San Francisco BCH Devcon, while bringing in a Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK). The BCK is for developers and it has a Bitcoin Cash library that coincides with iOS software.

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