Bitcoin De

Bitcoin De is a Deutsch online marketing platform, through which registered members trade in digital currencies. The cryptocurrency in use on this marketplace is Bitcoin, and users can sell or buy from their fellow investors in the network.

Why Bitcoin De?

In recent years, the popularity of Bitcoin has been on rise, as more businesses now accept it as a means of payment. It is predicted that in the near future, Bitcoin will take over from major international currencies such as the Euro and the US Dollar. As a result, an increased number of individuals are lining up in digital currency exchanges to acquire Bitcoins.

To facilitate this exchange, there needs to be a trust between the buyer and the seller. Given the high number of malicious dealers online, investors usually have second thoughts before transacting in Bitcoin.

At Bitcoin De both parties involved to n the trade are assured of transparency and safety. Hence, the platform is a convenient meeting place for individuals looking to trade in Bitcoin. Prices in this ecosystem are dependent on the prevailing rates of supply and demand.

Security Measures at Bitcoin De

Investors looking to sell their coins have to deposit them in their user account, which is part of the platform. Once this is done, they create a sales offer on the network. The coins on offer are then transferred to a reserve account until a willing buyer is identified. If a buyer is found, the seller loses the ability to cancel the offer. During this period, access to the Bitcoin account is blocked, and remains this way until the completion of the transaction.

The trade is marked as complete once the buyer pays the required amount and the seller issue a receipt confirming the sale. Afterwards, the Bitcoins are deducted from the seller and added to the buyer.

A mandatory probation period during which the buyer cannot trade the newly-acquired Bitcoins follows the completion of deal. By observing such a stringent protocol, guarantees the security of both the buyer's funds as well as the seller's Bitcoins until the deal goes through.

Charges For Trading on

All transactions conducted over Bitcoin De are subjected to a marketplace fee. The total amount of charges is dependent on the value of the transaction at hand. Both parties, the buyer and the seller, each contribute half of the total fee.

In this regard, the buyer deducts the fee from the total price of the bought Bitcoins. On the other hand, the seller sends the total number of the sold Bitcoins, less the marketplace charges.

Advantages of Bitcoin De

  • With almost half a million clients, is the largest marketplace of its kind in Europe.
  • This is the only Bitcoin exchange to be audited by an independent auditor firm.
  • Client identities are safeguarded since all profiles are stored offline.
  • The platform is regularly audited by top-notch security companies.
  • As opposed to conventional exchanges, does not hold client funds. Instead, they remain in bank accounts until they are needed. This guarantees safety of your funds in case of bankruptcy.
  • All customers join the Bug Bounty Program by default.


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