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Bitcoin Doubler claims to double your bitcoin with no hard work, skills, or experience required. Find out more about this bitcoin scam today in our review.

What Is Bitcoin Doubler?

Bitcoin Doubler is an “investment” offer found online at The website promises to double your bitcoin with no human intervention required.

Yes, you can double your money – guaranteed – even if you have no tech skills, experience, or willingness to do hard work. In fact, Bitcoin Doubler will double your money in just 10 hours.

Best of all, Bitcoin Doubler claims to have “100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail” and it requires “no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance.”

Obviously, we’ve seen hundreds of bitcoin scams appear online in recent weeks. Many of them claim to double your bitcoin or offer enormous ROIs. In reality, these are typically pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, or multilevel marketing scams that will take your initial deposit, then refuse to let you withdraw your money.

Some bitcoin scams are sneaky about the way in which they advertise themselves online., however, is a very blatant scam.

How Does Bitcoin Doubler Work?

Bitcoin Doubler claims to have some type of automated trading system that makes 100% returns in 10 hours, every day, without fail – guaranteed. That’s right: you just send your money to a mysterious, anonymous, bitcoin address, that money will magically double, and the trader is nice enough to send twice your deposit amount back to you.

Bitcoin Doubler claims to work using the following key features:

  • 200% investment returns with a “10 hour investment plan”
  • Automatic payments
  • 0.02 BTC minimum investment ($91 USD), 10 BTC ($46,000) maximum investment
  • Easy to use interface for both new and experienced investors
  • SSL security and DDoS protection (virtually every website has this)
  • “100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail”

Ultimately, once you get past the ridiculous marketing hype, you’ll learn that Bitcoin Doubler claims to have some type of “high frequently investment platform”. The platform is capable of rapidly making trades. Through some magical process with automated software, this generates money out of thin air.

The website provides no further information about how it works. The company literally expects you to send 0.02 BTC to a bitcoin wallet, and then “wait around 10 hours to receive your doubled BTC.”

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Doubler?

Like most bitcoin scams, there isn’t much information about the creators of Bitcoin Doubler available online. The website doesn’t even provide an email – or any other contact information – explaining how to get in touch.

The only other “clue” we have is that the company claims its “data centers are located on multiple locations around the world.”

Ultimately, you should be hesitant to send bitcoin to any address online. But when someone refuses to give you their location, identity, or any type of security, and still expects you to send 0.2 BTC, then you’re definitely being scammed.

WHOIS data tells us Bitcoin Doubler came online in late August/early September 2017. It’s a brand new website that will likely disappear within days – as soon as the creator’s wallet has received any type of deposits. Conclusion

If someone claims to double your money in 10 hours, guaranteed, then you’re being scammed. That lesson is particularly true on the internet – especially when you’re dealing with digital currencies like bitcoin. We’ve seen hundreds of similar “bitcoin doubling” scams appear online in recent weeks. Be smarter with your money. Don’t fall for blatant scams like

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  1. It really looks like a cheat, but I ran a test and checked the blocks at and they’re there. What should they be doing then? Moving money from people who come in as a pyramid scheme?

  2. I’m just wondering, is 0.01 BTC ($113) too much for “” to actually test “bitcoindoubler”, by actually investing that minimum amount? That would be the ultimate test now, wouldn’t it?

  3. lol there are soooo many bitcoins doublers lol and the thing is that most of them are scam LOL..
    If any of you want real bitcoin 2x that really works just use it worked for me with 0.01 so I got 0.02 back.. Probably ponzi scheme though but it works right now !!!!


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