Bitcoin Earning School

Have you ever wondered what Bitcoin really is? Sure, everyone knows that it is a digital currency, but have you wondered how to use it? Maybe you have wanted to start using it but don't know where to get it or where to begin. That is where Bitcoin Earning School comes into play.

For every question you have ever wanted to be answered about the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Earning School has the answer.

Bitcoin Earning School is an educational platform that strictly teaches you everything you could possibly want to know about the Bitcoin. Plus, you will learn how to recruit into different programs that utilizes the Bitcoin so you can make money.

On the surface, you would think that Bitcoin Earning School is an educational site. After all, it talks about teaching you how to use Bitcoins and what they are. But in actuality, Bitcoin Earning School is a site that is a cash gifting system. It works peer to peer and teaches you barely anything about the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin Earning School?

According to, the site was registered on November 18, 2016, and updated on November 29, 2016. The site is set to private.

However, when you look further into the company you will find two names listed as the CEO's, Mikey Robertson and Morris Melara. You will notice on the site that Mr. Robertson is listed as the actual owner of the company.

When looking into Mr. Robertson's background you will find that he has had his hand in several different sites over the years. Some of those sites include Elite Earners Club, My Paying Crypto Ads, Easy 1Up, Trade Coin Club, and ZarFund just to name a few.

Bitcoin Earning School Products

Despite the website stating that it is an educational site, it offers no retail products or services. All an affiliate can do is promote the membership. However, once you join you do have access to the learning content of the site. But you can't see that information until you sign up.

What the learning content and services contain is a mystery. There is no information that what is provided has any relevance to Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Earning School Opportunity

At its heart, Bitcoin Earning School is a 3×4 gift giving matrix system. The idea is to have a new recruit listed at the top of the matrix. From there, they are required to find three people to sign up under them to complete the first level.

Then those three have to find three recruits to sign up under them giving you a downline of 12 people. Then matrix then continues down four levels deep.

To get started with Bitcoin Earning School you need to gift your sponsor with 0.04 BTC. From there your recruits then give you 0.04 BTC. On level two you are required to give 0.1 BTC to your second upline which allows you to get 0.1 BTC from 9 recruits.

Then on level three, you gift 0.4 BTC to the third upline in order to get 0.4 from 27 recruits. On level 4 you have to give 1.5 BTC to the fourth upline in order to earn 1.5 BTC from 81 recruits.

Of course, you can also earn by recruiting people and receive 0.04 BTC commission per affiliate that you personally have signed up.

The system is set up on an automatic payment plan. You have to continue paying your monthly dues in order to stay in the system.

Bitcoin Earning School Verdict

There are so many red flags that come up when looking at this site. The first major red flag is how the site claims it is an educational program. There is nothing educational about this site. All the site has you do is recruiting and build your downline. Unfortunately, when sites are set up this way, once recruitment stops, the site fails.

The second major red flag is the owners of the site. Mr. Robertson has had his hand in one too many cookie jars. Bitcoin Earning School is his latest brainchild and is all about making  money.

The third red flag is you need to be aware of is that the site strictly uses Bitcoins. With Bitcoins, there are no refunds or exchanges. Once you gift the money to your sponsor, it is gone.

If you are planning on signing up for the site, the only way you are going to make any money is if you have a downline in place. You need people ready to sign up under you to make the most out of these sites. If you don’t have one in place, you will find it difficult to earn anything.

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