Bitcoin Empire

The Bitcoin Empire project was started after David Thomas watched “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” a 2014 documentary. He developed an interest in crypto, and he thought it would be a fun project to parody. He had always been a fan of board and card games, and he pondered how he could create a card game that incorporates Bitcoin. In his game, each player would become a famous bitcoin personality. The bitcoins would then be represented by face down cards.

He began his project by drawing on decks of poker cards using a permanent market and came up with a collection game, which was not much fun. He then realized that to make his game fun, he had to reward players that developed characters and punished those who ignore skills and only collected bitcoins. After the creation of Lawsuit, Smear Campaign, and Hack cards, the Bitcoin Empire was born.

The Bitcoin Empire Journey

The first edition of the Bitcoin Empire was funded via Kickstarter in November 2016. Later on, it was taken to retail. The second edition, which was dubbed “To The Moon” received funding in February 2018.

In December of 2017, the first mainstream use case of a non-fungible token standard was witnessed via CryptoKitties. With the blockchain technology established, the Bitcoin Empire has decided to move from a real-world tabletop game to one on the blockchain.

The Bitcoin Empire Brand And Press Coverage

The Bitcoin Empire Brand, which was conceived in 2016, is already well-established. The Bitcoin Empire tabletop card game was funded via Kickstarter and currently retail on crypto-themed stores. In terms of press coverage, the Bitcoin Empire has already received recognition in numerous online publications.

The Bitcoin Empire Blockchain Collectible Trading Cards Game

It is designed as a tabletop card game with 2 to 4 players. This game is designed to help you understand the crypto markets. The blockchain market can be brutal, but this simulation will prove quite useful.

It is full of subtle references to the real world stories. Thus, it is an awesome way to introduce friends to crypto. In this game, every player is able to grow their empire by amassing bitcoins. As the player, you create exchanges, which help you grow your wealth. However, you face challenges from others who will attack you with lawsuits, hacks, and even smear campaigns. At the end of the game, the player with most bitcoins is the winner.

Bitcoin Empire BEM ICO Details

The Bitcoin Empire is going to build on its established tabletop card game to create a web platform where investors can trade digital, collectable cards that are built on Ethereum. To make purchases, the user will utilize the Bitcoin Empire Tokens (BEM). The ICO for the BEM tokens is set to be announced in 2018. Not only can these cards be bought and sold, but they can also be printed and used to play the Bitcoin Empire game.

There will be 10 thousand cards created for the web platform. These cards will be rewarded to BEM token holders at that time. They will be available on the web platform for anyone to purchase.

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