Jameson Lopp is many things – he’s a SegWit2x opponent, the creator of, a BitGo engineer, and most recently – is known for being the subject of a false police report alleging that he had murdered someone and held others hostage at his in Durham North Carolina.

Lopp published in a Medium article his intention to reward anyone who comes forward with information leading to the arrest of the accuser and false reporter. Apparently, the accuser explained to officers that Lopp had shot someone at his home and was holding other hostage and would take action unless he received $60,000.

Lopp convinced officers that the report was false and also stated that he was not even home at the time of the accusation. Lopp mentioned that he suspects that the accusation was motivated by a bitcoin scaling debate.

News crews appeared at the scene Lopp, clearly upset, tweeted that law enforcement had failed him and that he was offering his own reward to catch the accuser. Interestingly enough, Lopp then received a voicemail made through a phone with a New York area code stating that police will not be involved next time, if he receives $50,000 in bitcoin.

Lopp also criticized law enforcement for its actions – stating that he could have been killed due to exploitable vulnerability. Additionally, Lopp discussed a recent incident in Wichita, Kansas on December 28, in which officers shot an individual when responding to a reported hostage situation. Officers never considered the truthfulness of the allegation, which resulted from disputes among virtual gamers. Lopp stated, “The militarization of police with no nonexistent authentication creates great environment for SWATing.” Further, Lopp stated that lethal force can be used against an arbitrary target by a single anonymous phone call. However – this may be true for some states, not all, unless it is a federal law.

Rather than respond in an aggressive manner, Lopp suggested that calls should be red flagged and be seen as suspicious if traced to a state different from the caller’s claimed location. Even though Lopp sees himself as an advocate for privacy, he also mentions that the ability to keep information secret alters the nature of trust.

Even though the incident ended Lopp is still being harassed. Lopp has received emails asking that he sign up for numerous email marketing lists – there is no sign that this harassment is related to the initial incident though.

Since, Lopp has taken initiatives to protect himself. He installed a 360-degree, 4K resolution surveillance camera around his property and has firearms on hand. He is also planning on publishing his security precautions. Lopp has also signed a $100,000 reward offer with his PGP key.

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