The BitcoinFee App is an application designed to easily predict or estimate bitcoin transaction fee developed by the Living Room of Satoshi. There are those instances when you deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies from certain platforms only to end up with less than you expected.

It can be really frustrating if especially you are forced to make an extra transaction charging you even more fees. This app seeks to solve that problem by helping you determine how much you are going to be charged before you make any transaction to enable you make the right calculations.

Where Can You Get the BitcoinFee App?

You can use this app whether you have an android or an apple device. The app is available on Play and App Stores. You simply download and install it in your device. You will not need any extra software.

The BitcoinFees App Features

This app has several features that assist you in various ways. Let’s take a close look at them.

Best Fee

When carrying out any bitcoin transaction or deal, you want to find the fee that best accommodates your budget and fits your needs. This feature helps you do just that. You can opt for a low fee option but with slow confirmation, high fee option for very fast confirmation or get a median fee for a moderate speed. There is always something for everyone.

Easy Scrolling Interface

This app comes with an easy to use scrolling interface. You can move up and down your screen to view different fee settings and their performance. This ability helps you set your preferences quickly. It also helps you manage your finances.

Unique Design

What is not to like about BitcoinFee App user interface? This app is made with ‘ease of use’ in the developers’ minds. You can see the clearly marked settings that show you real time information. It is clearly labelled and with a very simple control panel.

Block Estimation

Since you want to track the fees you are going to pay within a given waiting period, the developers decided to create a block system that identifies each transaction into a particular section. You will be able to view the number of blocks that are there before getting to your transaction.

Block Confirmation Time

Again, in line with viewing the number of blocks before your transaction is included, you will be able to approximate the amount of time you will wait until your transaction is processed and confirmed. You can set this and leave it as you carry out other activities then check when the time is almost due.

Choosing Selected Fee

After the processing time is over, your fee will be displayed on the interface. You can now copy this fee on to the clipboard to enable you to transfer it easily to your wallet. Here, you will use it to determine your calculations.

Keep Yourself Updated on New Features

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