Bitcoin Fund Manager, Christopher Matta To Mom

Co-Founder of Crescent Crypto Asset Management, Christopher Matta joined CNBC in an attempt to explore the current stance of the crypto sphere. Some of areas that have been highlighted in their discussion, include volatility, entry points and believe it or not, his advice to his mother on cryptocurrencies.

Back in June, CNBC allegedly asked Matta, whether or not he would invest his mother’s money in cryptocurrencies, and his immediate response, “Ya absolutely!”. He also addressed the fear of risks among several investors, suggesting that such investments require “sizing appropriate”, which can help investors of all confidence levels.

With the crypto sphere continuously bashed for its volatility, Matta seems to see it in a more positive light, stating that despite its presence, returns are “just as good compared to other asset classes”.

So, the big question has finally been answered, that is, his advice to his mother, which can be applicable to any type of investor out there includes, “Stay calm, hodl on”. In addition, he believes in long term investments, typically ranging between a two and five years timespan. Interestingly, another advice he offered had to do with the bull-run sentiment, which he believes remains unchanged.

In particular, he said:

“Bull sentiment hasn’t changed, and regulators have started to step in – and their general sentiment has been positive, and we think some smart regulations [inaudible] can be good.”

When Matta was asked how felt about the overall performance of cryptocurrencies today compared to the past – emphasizing on the fact that their trading strikes have more or less died – he replied:

“Volatility continues to stay at a heightened level”, adding that a particular causation cannot be assumed, he also believes that, “ETFs and things can help to increase access to the asset class […] which will ultimately be positive catalyst for the space”

His continues with his advices, particularly focusing on current holders, ensuring that the wait is worthwhile. Such fluctuations, according to Matta, are quite common, as the crypto sphere was never continuously in upward trends. He trusts that if “you’re bullish for the long term, $6000 is a decent entry point.”

As for new buyers, he said that there are still interest lingering around, but to get more of the money that has been placed aside and to attract new retailers, improvements must be made within the crypto sphere.

Here are his words in regard to strategies that can help to attract new investors:

“As the infrastructure continues to get built, that’s one of the key pieces, as ETFs get launched, as there’s options that are available, as the custody piece gets figured out, and the infrastructure around security continues to get improved.”

Matta is definitely one of many crypto fanatics that continue to support the sphere despite surfacing negativity. His perspective on both current and long-term trends will hopefully encourage current investors, while motivating new investors to join – this also includes Moms!

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