Bitcoin God Hard Fork Announced

We have yet another bitcoin hard fork to announce. It’s called Bitcoin God, or GOD.

The hard fork project is being led by Chinese bitcoin and blockchain angel investor Chandler Guo, who released a message on WeChat stating his intention to fork off from core on December 25.

In a follow-up tweet, Guo explained that he chose December 25 because it was “symbolic of me giving candy to all bitcoin holders.”

Responding to an inquiry on Twitter, Guo confirmed that the project is “real”. Guo explains that GOD will be forked off the main bitcoin chain at block 501,225, which is scheduled to occur on December 25. There’s a total supply of 21 million GOD coins, and there will be no pre-mine.

What’s the difference between Bitcoin God and regular bitcoin? Why do we need yet another hard fork? Guo claims that “the profit from POS mining will be distributed to all Bitcoin God users.”

Guo has not gone into further detail about how that profit sharing scheme will work. However, bitcoin hard forks are quickly becoming the new ICOs. Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Cash Plus are all being released over the next few weeks. Some of these projects have legitimate support from a team of developers. Others are scam projects with no apparent purpose.

Ultimately, there’s virtually no information about Bitcoin God available online at this time – but we’re still a few weeks away from launch. Stay tuned to see if Bitcoin God (GOD) is a real cryptocurrency project or not.

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