Bitcoin Gold Exchange

Cryptocurrency forks are much popular nowadays although none make a reputation or a buzz compared to Bitcoin's. While there have been a lot of forks for mainstream currencies, the only Bitcoin do show any form of robust success or potential. Such is the case with the successful fork that resulted in Bitcoin Gold. While hard forks always don't turn out to honestly what we anticipated, this fork is going against the trend to offer competition and reasonable result against competitors

What Is Bitcoin Gold Exchange?

The BTG fork acts a backup copy of Bitcoin and is set to allow BTC holders with their tokens on the main chain to also get an equal number of BTG for the value. That means the BTG fork will have the same amount between the main chain and the forked blockchains.

Creating A BTG Wallet

With the BTG wallet, users can seamlessly exchange their BTC into BTG without the need to waste time on exchanges. That is an advantage since the quick change from BTC to BTG will become available at real-time rates but still close to those within the exchanges. The process of getting a BTG wallet involves clicking “Generate” at the site's homepage, and you will receive the necessary details pertaining your new portfolio.

Sending Or Receiving BTG

On the other hand, the sending and receiving of BTG involves

  • Entering the Send and Receive BTG tab and selecting the wallet type
  • Enter the private key provided by your account in the query box and hit next
  • If the transaction is fine, a window of information appears to confirm the details

Additionally, receiving the BTG would require sending the user your wallet address, where he can enter it, amount of tax and certify the transaction. If unsure of the operation, you can always check for its status on

Exchanging BTG To BTC

Claiming BTG from the BTC blockchain will need the user to select the Exchange BTG to BTC tab, from where they input the wallet type and mnemonic phrase necessary for the transaction. After hitting the “Next” button, you would get the balance of the wallet. Click on “Send to BTC” with specifications on the recipient and the amount of commission. Once you click on the “Send BTG” button, you get to convert to BTC and send to the desired account.

The Bitcoin Gold Ecosystem

Exchanges supported:

  • CEX.IO
  • BitSTAR
  • Bithumb
  • Change NOW

Pools available:

  • MinerGate
  • Bee pool

Explorers supporting BTG:

  • Insight

Bitcoin Gold Exchange Benefits

  • Decentralization- BTG adopts a POW algorithm, and Equihash protocol to give ordinary users equal opportunity to mine
  • Fair distribution- Unlike other forks, the BTG wallet capability will ensure the hard forking with Bitcoin is equitably and efficiently distributed with little effort
  • Transparency- the BTG mechanism is open source, and this assures users and developers in the legitimacy of the software project

Bitcoin Gold Exchange Conclusion

BTG online looks like a legitimate contender in providing a straightforward service for the conversion of BTC to BTG in under a minute. While we are yet to use the online wallet, there is no denying that it does make it convenient possible and comfortable to change your BTC to BTG and vice versa.

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