Bitcoin Growth Bot

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is currently under a significant amount of scrutiny from regulatory bodies around the world, which is partly driven by the unregulated nature of initial coin offerings. While there are many reputable and sincere ICOs, there are just as many platforms that have been created solely with the purpose of separating unsuspecting crypto investors from their capital.

The complex nature of cryptocurrency investing leads many investors to seek out easier methods of generating profit that don't require them to have a working understanding of the basic principles of blockchain technology or how to perform basic fundamental and technical analysis in order to develop trading strategies.

It’s fairly obvious that any effective and profitable strategy cannot be developed, but this doesn’t stop these investors in trying their luck with high yield investment programs or other platforms that promise extremely high returns with very little effort. In many cases, these platforms are simple elaborate Ponzi schemes.

High yield investment programs typically provide investors with the ability to deposit currency into a managed account that generates high interest on a daily basis. The initial coin offering ecosystem has recently spawned a variation on this concept, offering investors the opportunity to invest in these platforms before they even go live. These ICOs label themselves as “lending platforms”.

Lending platforms don’t have anything to do with peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending, but instead present investors with the opportunity to “lend” cryptocurrency to the platform in a manner that is functionally identical to a HYIP.

While HYIPs are known for being risky, there are still a number of them that do deliver returns on a reliable basis. When assessing lending ICOs, it’s important to remember that they are essentially the same as HYIPs, and carry the same risks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is a new lending ICO that promises investors the first real transparent volatility trading bot. We’ll also check out the Bitcoin Growth Bot ICO and find out what it offers to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.

What Is Bitcoin Growth Bot?

The Bitcoin Growth Bot is a basic lending ICO that offers one pivotal point of difference. Most lending ICOs don't provide their investors with any information on how the profits they deliver are generated, and instead make only obscure references to highly efficient trading algorithms or other baseless claims.

Bitcoin Growth Bot, however, provides users with a real transparent volatility trading bot that fully explains how profits are generated. It’s still important to remember, however, that the Bitcoin Growth Bot is still a system in which users deposit capital to fund aggressive investment strategies outside of their control, and is thus inherently risky.

The Bitcoin Growth Bot platform provides four levels of ROI, which range from 29% per month with no bonus daily interest, a 0.10% daily bonus, a 0.15% daily bonus, and a 0.20% daily bonus depending on the amount of capital invested during the crowdsale. As these numbers are fairly conservative, it’s likely safe to assume that the Bitcoin Growth Bot is legitimate.

The Bitcoin Growth Bot ICO

The Bitcoin Growth Bot pre-sale is currently underway, and is set to run until the 21st of December 2017, after which point the ICO will begin. The first million Nucleus Coin Tokens- the native token of the Bitcoin Growth Bot platform- will sell with a 25% bonus, while the second million sold will deliver a 20% bonus, and the last million in the pre-sale sold with a 15% bonus.

The Bitcoin Growth Bot ICO will launch on the 15th of January 2018, and will make 4,920,792 tokens available for purchase at a cost of between $2.00 USD and $3.60 USD per token.

Bitcoin Growth Bot Verdict

Bitcoin Growth Bot is a relatively standard lending ICO that benefits from increased transparency. If you’re looking for a decent lending ICO that is likely to deliver on the promises it makes, Bitcoin Growth Bot could be the option you’re looking for.

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