Bitcoin Growth Fund is an investment fund that promises to help invest in high-growth startups for as little as 1 BTC. Here’s our Bitcoin Growth Fund review.

What is the Bitcoin Growth Fund?

Bitcoin Growth Fund, found online at, is an Indian investment vehicle that promises to give investors access to fast-growing startup companies. By investing as little as 1 BTC in these fast growing, high risk startups, you can enjoy exponential earnings.

Some of the key features of the Bitcoin Growth Fund, according to the official website, including:

“Top notch fund managers”

Deal discovery and sourcing.

Trade your tokens and exit anytime.

On the official website, you can browse through a selection of startup companies. These aren’t your ordinary startups. They’re companies specializing in the cryptocurrency industry. One highlighted fund on the site, for example, is the Mining & ICO fund, which invests specifically in cryptocurrency mining.

Types of Bitcoin Growth Funds Available

The company’s official website highlights three different funds at the moment, each of which gives you exposure to different segments of the industry. Available investment funds include:

Mining & ICO Fund: Invests in cryptocurrency mining and initial coin offerings. Some of the key names in this fund include Status ICO, Monero, Dash Coin, Z Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Loyalty & New Technologies Fund: Invests in loyalty programs. The loyalty programs market is fragmented and segregated into a confusing number of programs. Bitcoin Growth Fund believes a company called AirSelfie Holdings Ltd could gather all of these loyalty programs together into one powerful loyalty system.

Blockchain & IOT Fund: Invests in blockchain startups. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries – including the financial tech (“fintech”) industries and more. Bitcoin Growth Fund has targeted companies like Alpha Point and AirBitz for fast-growth in this sector.

How Does Bitcoin Growth Fund Work?

Bitcoin Growth Fund’s goal is to democratize the growth stage investment market currently dominated by big investors and venture capital firms. The official website claims you can invest for as little as 0.01BTC (although other parts of the website claim that it’s 1BTC). The specific minimum investment appears to differ between funds.

Bitcoin Growth Fund operates on a colored coins platform built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Because it’s based off the Bitcoin blockchain, investors enjoy complete accountability and transparency-at least, according to the official website.

Each fund will issue tokens to shareholders in proportion to the amount of money invested by each member. You’re not actually buying Bitcoins or shares – you’re buying tokens that get you access to Bitcoin Growth Fund (BGF) funds.

Fund oversight is done by the investment committee, which consists of the fund managers and the advisory board. This group takes decisions on where the capital is invested. Based on the performance of the fund, token holders can buy more shares or sell their tokens.

The Bitcoin Growth Fund website sums up the process by stating that, “As the companies that the fund invests in grow, so does the token value of the fund.”

All transactions are recorded on the blockchain for maximum transparency and security.

Bitcoin Growth Fund has its own wallet. When you sign up for the website, you’ll be able to buy something called BGF tokens through the site. Those BGF tokens are then stored in your wallet. You can easily withdraw tokens to a third party wallet – although Bitcoin Growth Fund advises against this. So far, two wallets support the storage of BGF Tokens, including Indiesquare Wallet and Freewallet.

How to Use Bitcoin Growth Fund to Get Funded

Bitcoin Growth Fund is currently accepting funding applications through its official website. You can click the “Get Funded” button to start the application process.

Bitcoin Growth Fund is accepting entrepreneurs and companies who are “building something great on blockchain, IoT, virtual reality, loyalty programs or nextgen tech”.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Growth Fund?

Bitcoin Growth Fund is run by Phil McCauley, described as “a highly experienced entrepreneur” who “invests in start-up and high growth business in music, media, fintech and green energy”. Other key members of the team include Nagaraj Konda, who has more than 25 years of professional experience in the fintech, IT, and telco markets. In 2009, he launched an Indian fintech service provider from the ground up and led that company to a prominent position in the market.

Bitcoin Growth Fund has offices in Dubai and India. You can contact the company by email at [email protected]

Should You Buy Tokens in Bitcoin Growth Fund?

Bitcoin Growth Fund is a unique investment service that lets you invest in high-growth startups in the tech industry – particularly in the IoT, cryptocurrency, and loyalty program space. The website wants to democratize tech startup investments – so small individual investors can invest in valuable companies early.

Ultimately, Bitcoin Growth Fund is a unique concept that just launched in 2016. There’s limited information available online through the official website at this time, and just three funds are available to investors. You may want to wait for more information about Bitcoin Growth Fund to appear online before you invest.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the article.
    It is not a ponzi or fraud scheme. BitcoinGrowthFund is backed up GBMiners (A large bitcoin mining pool) group which is having more than 10 companies for example (Gainbitcoin, Amaze mining, CoinBank app, and many more). It is one the most reliable investment of bitcoin over internet. So Cheers guys.

  2. This domain is a scam. They will keep you’re BTC and paste the same apology letter stating they are working on it. I have tested this assumption and indeed it is true. I sent over couple 100 USD worth of BTC and when I withdrew fund’s were stuck on “pending” even after I approved the withdraw via email that they send you (junk mail btw). It has been over 4 months and my BTC still says pending. I have raised a ticket so many times that I am now being told I will be banned if I keep raising tickets. So there you have it, bitcoingrowth fund is a scam and will exit when they feel they have enough. Stay away!! Don’t listen to this paid liar above me.


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