Bitcoin Hexagon

As the crypto market keeps on expanding, blockchain innovation continues to foster newer technologies that are helping to make alt currency adoption easier and more viable across the globe.

Bitcoin Hexagon is an upcoming cryptocurrency that is scheduled to release sometime later this year. It will feature a platform that is being described by media outlets online as having the potential to combine “six crypto markets into one coin”.

To further elaborate on this currency, Bitcoin Hexagon is primarily meant for the holders of six distinct digital coins namely KDC, LGC, CGC, GLC, FOC, and DADO.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Hexagon?

According to information sourced from various crypto forums and threads, this project has been developed by the same people who are responsible for creating Dicewallet— a highly popular Bitcoin storage solution.

As mentioned previously, the aim of Bitcoin Hexagon is to merge six different currency markets into one coin via the use of a hard fork mechanism.

What Other Information is Currently Available About Bitcoin Hexagon?

We looked into this upcoming currency and found a thread on BitcoinTalk which mentioned that key technical aspects of this currency will be revealed to the public in the coming 2-6 weeks.

The release date itself is scheduled to be around August this year. For any more details regarding Bitcoin Hexagon, users can get in touch with company representatives either via Twitter or Facebook

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