What Is BitCoin Ichip?

Bitcoin Ichip is a platform built for online gambling. The platform is generated to be fast, secure, and anonymous. The players use cryptocurrency in all betting operations. The focus of the platform is to minimize the risks associated with online transactions as well as ensuring security.

Bitcoin Ichip aims at being a betting platform that is transparent and highly diverse in all its operations by use of blockchain technology. The peer-to-peer network leads to a system of data that is decentralized, thus the player is protected from issues of fraud.

How BitCoin Ichip Blockchain Betting & Gambling Works

Through blockchain technology, the platform provides a universal arena to gambling and betting, which takes full advantage of creativity and abilities of players and at the same time provides safety and integrity. The platform aims at promoting user engagement by building a system where the experience of the players will be smooth with few requirements.

The platform uses smart contract technology to eliminate the involvement of third parties during the rewarding of players and to keep the records of the game open and transparent. The players and key contributors of the platform will get their rewards automatically and in a fair and open manner.

BitCoin Ichip BIC Token & ICO Details

Bitcoin Ichip’s token is classified as following the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The platforms token is a digital currency meant for placing bets on different betting platforms that are supported by Bitcoin Ichip. Users can also trade their tokens according to their own specifications. The token are issued to the public during the initial Coin Offering.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: BIC
  • Token sale date: 04/01/2018- 06/30/2018
  • Accepted payment method: ETH and BTC
  • Total token supply: 210000000
  • ICO: 161700000 in 7 phases.

Players on the platform select a game of their choice from the ones offered by Bitcoin Ichip. They then deposit their tokens to the wallet. The player's token will be accepted and he will in turn be given chips of the same amount to contest in the game they select at the platform. At the end of the game, the amount won is deposited to the account of the player in the form of Bitcoin Ichip tokens. The players can then easily convert their tokens in the various exchanges that the platform supports.

BitCoin Ichip Benefits

Faster Transactions

Games that are associated with the platform are quick and smart in nature. Using smart contract technology, every transaction done on the platform is fast and accurate at all times.

Directory Service

The platform offers directory services when it comes to bets made. An agreement is made between the token holder and the person betting, which gives the bettor predictions on the right bets to place.

Trustful Betting

The transparency of the transactions will increase the trust of the players in the game. There would be no cases of fraud or corruption. Use of Smart contract ensures that the games are fairly played and transaction of rewards and prizes won are done fast and in an accurate manner.


The platform is built such that everyone around the world can easily access it at any time and benefit from it through the secure betting system it provides.


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