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Bitcoin Invest Club claims to be a cryptocurrency investment company based in the United Kingdom. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity today in our review.

What Is Bitcoin Invest Club?

Bitcoin Invest Club, found online at, claims to be a UK-based cryptocurrency investment firm. That firm has developed a way to generate enormous, consistent returns from the cryptocurrency market. Instead of keeping that system to themselves, they’ve nicely decided to share it with the world.

To participate in the scheme and start making massive returns, all you need to do is send money to Bitcoin Invest Club.

Amazingly, the company claims you can earn 140% interest rates after just one day. if you leave your money with the company for 50 days, they’ll pay you an interest rate of 2400%. The minimum deposit is just $11.

Obviously, when a company promises returns as large as this, you can be almost certain that you’re being scammed. Nobody is going to pay you 2400% interest to borrow money for 50 days.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin Invest Club is a blatant scam, the company is actively trying to lure in newbie cryptocurrency investors who want a slice of bitcoin’s enormous profit opportunities.

How Does Bitcoin Invest Club Make Money?

Bitcoin Invest Club vaguely mentions that it makes money from bitcoin investments. The website is filled with stock images of computers and of businesspeople. That’s the only “proof” we see.

In reality, Bitcoin Invest Club seems to make money exclusively from new memberships. You pay a membership fee, and that fee gets funneled to the top of the pyramid. Your money isn’t used for any type of investment. As far as we can tell, Bitcoin Invest Club is designed to attract as many investments as possible in a short period of time, then disappear and take everyone’s money.

To get started, you create an account on Then, you make a deposit. Within days, Bitcoin Invest Club will generate free money for you – there’s no hard work or risk required.

Bitcoin Invest Club Investment Plans

Bitcoin Invest Club offers a number of scam investment packages, ranging from 140% ROI plans to 2500% ROI plans:

  • Start: 140% ROI every day
  • Basic: 340% ROI every 5 days
  • Standard: 670% ROI every 10 days
  • Professional: 1400% every 20 days
  • Advanced: 2400% every 50 days
  • VIP 1: 1500% every 5 days (minimum deposit of $10,000)
  • VIP 2: 2500% every 8 days (minimum deposit of $5,000)
  • VIP 3: 3500% every 30 days (minimum deposit of $1,000)

Ultimately, none of these plans make sense. ROIs like this aren’t possible to guarantee. Most of the plans, aside from the VIP plans, require a minimum investment of $11. Bitcoin Invest Club claims to deposit the profits instantly into your account. They even have a “profit calculator” you can use.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Invest Club?

Typically, bitcoin investment scams are easy to spot because the founders refuse to disclose any information about themselves online. Bitcoin Invest Club works the same way: the company gives us an email address you can use to contact the company ([email protected]) as well as a phone number (+441673410004).

Aside from that, we have no information about where the company is based or who’s running it. However, the company does claim to be based in the UK.

Conclusion: Is Bitcoin Invest Club a Scam?

When someone asks you to send them money online, but refuses to disclose any information about themselves, it’s a sure sign that you’re being scammed. Bitcoin Invest Club seems to work in a similar way to other bitcoin investment scams: the company advertises ridiculously high returns upfront, then steals your money and disappears. We have no evidence that Bitcoin Invest Club has ever paid anyone. Your ROI will be 0%.

If somebody online tries to tell you that Bitcoin Invest Club is a legitimate opportunity, it’s likely because they want you to sign up through their referral link. Bitcoin Invest Club, like a pyramid scheme, has a lucrative affiliate program.

In any case, Bitcoin Invest Club is a blatant bitcoin investment scam. Avoid it if you want to hold onto your money.

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  1. But its paying till today? :( is it really scam..I’ve invested more into it like i got profit of 100usd which i reinvested for 10 days..

  2. bitcoin invest club reliable platform. its not scam. paying regularly . dealing with customers professionally.
    i m going to make some more investment with bitcoin club.

  3. The website still there , but NOT paying !!

    i invested 100 , and the Withdrawal of 180 is pending..
    Didnt get anything in my wallet for now.

    I get paid one time 5 $ for the refferal of a new client who also invested 100$


  5. 5 days have passed and I have not received anything. My withdraw request is still pending. NO EMAIL REPLY FROM THEIR SUPPORT CENTRE. please clear

  6. Run…. just run…. You don’t need a 3rd party to help you with BTC… this is a scam…. infact, any 3rd party service that wants your coins(private keys) is a scam.
    Keep running.


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