To no one's surprise Stellar Lumens, AKA XLM are receiving much attention from people looking to invest for retirement purposes. Retirement investments based on cryptocurrency, are generally handled by Bitcoin IRA, a company who specializes in the management of virtual currencies for retirees. According to Bitcoin IRA, Stellar Lumens in the top five of cryptocurrencies most sold. XLM tokens, at the number three spot, are climbing fast long with the new popular Zcash.

Analysts are somewhat surprised by how quickly the two cryptocurrencies up taking off. At the time of this writing, the unique tokens hold the number six spot for the highest valued cryptocurrency coin by the total market cap. Lumens now carry a complete worth of $3.7 billion.

As for Bitcoin IRA, the platform gives customers the freedom to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum close other cryptocurrencies replacement inside of their retirement accounts. There are almost ten different currencies that can be used for supporting the growth of retirement funds.

Supported Currencies Include ZCash, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple XRP, Ethereum Ether, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

Each currency has a place that where it is stored inside of a BitCo virtual wallet. Every wallet has multiple functions, plus is extremely secure because of its highly sophisticated encryption protocols. Users are required to have a multitude of personal keys ready before they can access any of their money. The enhanced security guarantees that wallets are inaccessible to cyber-attacks.

Over a quarter of a billion dollars has already been processed the last year by Bitcoin IRA. There is a startup fee, plus a low cost one for acting as custodian of retiree’s tokens.

Moreover, at this point, Lumens are the most sought-after token sold on the company platform. XLM is gaining popularity on a global scale, recently being Incorporated in several of the largest exchanges Southeast Asia. There is even talk of Coinbase preparing to list Stellar Lumens, but the company has given no official response.

XLM can also be used for successful, easy to complete cross-border payments. Also, several of the largest tech industries in the world have invested in the company.

Do you own any Stellar Lumens? If so, tell us your experience in the comment section below.

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