Bitcoin Latina BCL Review

Bitcoin Latina BCL aims to be the bitcoin of Latin America. Find out how the company plans to achieve that goal today in our review.

What is Bitcoin Latina BCL?

Bitcoin Latina, found online at, is a cryptocurrency project focused on developing a Latin America-based blockchain. The goal, according to the website, “is to create jobs and prosperity while helping the people of Latin America learn about and experience the benefits of blockchain efficiencies.”

The currency and blockchain are listed under the symbol DCL. It’s a secure, decentralized, mineable blockchain with smart contracts on which to build Latin American consumer, enterprise, government, university, and other scalable services and applications.

How Does Bitcoin Latina Work?

BitcoinLatina will launch with a mass airdrop via SMS and email to tens of millions of people in Latin America. That airdrop will begin in January.

The creators of BitcoinLatina understand that for a platform to succeed in Latin America, it needs to be mobile friendly. The official website mentions that 90% of university students in Latin America use a smartphone. By targeting this population, BitcoinLatina can ensure widespread adoption across the region.

The blockchain will have support documents in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The team will also promote conferences, hackathons, and other forms of entrepreneurial development across Latin America.

Ultimately, BitcoinLatina is a social endeavor more than a profit-seeking venture. The project seems to want to help Latin America avoid being left behind the blockchain revolution. Here’s how the website explains the benevolent goals of the project:

“The BitcoinLatina Foundation educates Latin communities about the benefits of the blockchain, and is in discussions with leading telecommunication companies, universities, credit unions and government institutions. Building relationships with regulatory bodies inside & outside of Latin America helps ensure industry growth and investor protection.”

A portion of BCL tokens in the Foundation’s treasury will also be reserved for community-oriented projects.

BitcoinLatina is also designed to support KYC/AML regulations, making it a government-friendly cryptocurrency. Here’s how the development team explains it:

“The government relies on the collection of sales tax in order to run efficiently. Fiat currency requires people to be honest for the government to collect all sales tax owed. The BitcoinLatina Foundation has a solution providing direct payment of tax at the point of purchase.

Decentralized solutions with smart contracts provide increased security for data storage, data transfer and other trustless efficiencies.”

BitcoinLatina’s development team understands that governments will never embrace cryptocurrencies until they can effectively collect tax on those currencies.

BitcoinLatina Tech Specs

BitcoinLatina’s blockchain is a fork of Ethereum. It’s GPU mineable at a cost of $5 per coin (Based on an average global electricity fee of $0.10 per kWh).

The blockchain will also have a reward system where you can earn half of the rewards earned by each directly referred miner five levels deep.

BitcoinLatina’s mining will begin as soon as the blockchain is forked and the genesis block is created. That date is expected to be January 15, 2018.

Who’s Behind BitcoinLatina?

BitcoinLatina is led by the BitcoinLatina Foundation. That organization was founded by eight people, including Brian Masterson (the President of, Stan Larimer (the “Godfather of BitShares”), Timothy Mesker (CTO), John Gotts (Interim CEO), Danilo De Rosa (VP of Growth), Sergio Fernandez de Cordova (Chairman), Sai Pinnamaneni (Solution Architect), and Juan Carlos del Castillo (Director).

The organization is working with the Latino Impact Summit, a platform run in partnership with the United Nations, the PUBLIC Foundation, and the Cala Foundation to bring together Latino leaders, politicians, millennials, philanthropists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The foundation lists offices in Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and New York.

How to Get Bitcoin Latina BCL Tokens

Getting BitcoinLatina tokens (BCL) is easy. To get started, visit, then click the “Claim your tokens” button. You will receive an alert via email and SMS when the BCL token is listed on January 25.

There’s a total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) BCL tokens. Airdrops will take place throughout Latin America. 50% of the total supply of tokens will go towards the BitcoinLatina airdrop, which will take place in North America (Mexico), Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

The remaining tokens are reserved for entrepreneurial grants (20%), the foundation treasury (10%), the Genesis team (10%), the South American team (6.5%), and the North American team (2.5%).

Bitcoin Latina BCL Conclusion

Although BitcoinLatina calls itself the “bitcoin of Latin America”, it’s actually a fork of the Ethereum blockchain. The project is expected to fork from Ethereum on January 15, 2018.

BCL tokens will be airdropped to users across Latin America soon afterwards. You can sign up for that airdrop by visiting online today at

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  1. Why would you want to? Scamcoin. Its an ether token so that the non-latin founder, John Gotts, can claw back your money if he doesn’t like you.


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