If you are into Bitcoin mining, then you need to have a look at the Bitcoin-Line platform, as you are able to start your mining goals in just five minutes. The platform has already attracted over 1,000,000 people around the world, and having the world’s leading hash power; this is the platform to be a part of.

What Is Bitcoin-Line?

Let us start from the beginning in adequately understanding what cloud mining is all about. Cloud mining has the ability to give people the unique opportunity to start there crypto mining goals without having to save a large sum of initial capital in both the technical know-how and hardware that is required.

The company is a trustable platform to invest in; it is all thanks to the strong rules they have put in place in regards to offering you the safest investment environment. More good news, the platform is able to give a payout every hour, and if you have Bitcoins, you are able to withdraw it at any moment you would like.

But this is not all as you are able to access your Bitcoin wallet in all your devices in the safest way. That means while you are on the go you are still able to quickly check your wallet and see how your coins are performing.

Bitcoin-Line Bitcoin Mining Server Conclusion

The Bitcoin-Line has been considered as the best platform to use when keeping your bitcoin; it is all thanks to the secure platform they have put in place. And for sure with over 1,000,000 people on the platform from around the world, you are guaranteed the company is aware of what it is doing.

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  1. Why is it I can’t withdraw the bitcoins until now? I already made 12 withdrawals why is it it stop withdrawing? Please reply.

    • Hi, this platform has a withdrawal limit? Warns me to say that this month is too much to wait until the next month to wait for the next month really? Because I’ve invested $ 0.05 Bitcoin yesterday and now I’m faced with this warning, please guide me. I’m very worried.

  2. I had invest and and let it run few days. But my earning had been withdraw by hackers. Sad to see on this happen to me. I need help to prevent my earning stolen again. Please help.

  3. I have problem too, i already withdrawal to other acc but cant recieve that acc, but my btc already deduct, i use bitcoin-line.com

  4. Hate those hackers. Mine is never withdraw the earning after invest. After few days login into my account and see had been withdraw by other ppl. Those hacker will get their punish. They will not live well so far. We use our money to invest and not letting other ppl to take so freely.

  5. this is a scam bro, they are getting the trust of the people then they will run away if they collected that much money to everybody. So don’t invest too much on this website and try to withdraw the amount of money you have spent.

  6. This is what they call a legit scam. It looks real for a day or so. But then stops paying you. Not to mention all the typo errors throughout the site

  7. Had 12 withdrawals and then my next withdrawal says, “too much withdrawal for this month…”. A month after, can’t withdraw anymore.
    Created a new account then invest. And same thing happened after 12 withdrawals made.
    Maybe the 12 withdrawals is equivalent to 12 months. So, every month you are allowed to withdraw once?

  8. Pls I need answers to this questions, that’s why I wrote this post…

    (1) is Bitcoin-line legit to invest with ?
    (2) why they don’t reply messages ?
    (3) when you invest can you make withdrawal ?
    (4) has anyone here paid for server maintenance fee ?

    Pls help if you know details about the website


  9. I face withdrowl problem. Why not cut sarvar maintance fee? I called pay by wallet then i was send btc but it was fund my wallet. I can’t withdrow my btc. Why? I am loss. Any solution of this? They can’t reply my massege.

  10. Hi all,

    Exactly the same happened to me. Too many withdrawals this month, fact is that I didn’t make any withdrawal this month, or the previous month, so why am I not able to do it? And why are my email to support never answered. Can only mean that it is a scam.
    Eyes open guys, there are many more like this out there.


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