With so many currencies out there, it is difficult to find someone who is a staunch believer solely in bitcoin. Perhaps one of the most controversial types of currencies next to bitcoin is altcoin. Those who are fans of altcoin have been accused by one of the most famous bitcoin loyalists of “peddling trash.” The real question is whether there is some truth to the accuser’s word’s.

The accuser is known as Pierre Rochard, a Paris native. Those who visit his Twitter account will be greeted by venomous comments concerning altcoin and there certainly will be no question that his own loyalties lie with bitcoin. As Rochard mentions,

“obviously, there are other currencies that exist today . . . it’s a bit of a strawman to say that bitcoin maximalists think there will only be one currency. The reason crypto is zero-sum is [because] money, in general, is zero sum.”

Rochard’s analysis is based on his understanding of global economies and it is founded on the belief that bitcoin is becoming the new currency of the digital world. Rochard’s own goals concerning bitcoin is to provide prospective investors with insight into bitcoin. This is markedly dissimilar from what other blockchain experts are doing, which is providing consultancy services concerning alt coins. But, is clear, this type of tactic simply does not comport with Rochard’s own views.

As Rochard explains,

“what I want to see from my own contributions to Bitcoin Core is to help accelerate development of Bitcoin Core’s wallet.”

Whether one is a viable option is something that will only become apparent over the long term.

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