Bitcoin Of America

For those who want to buy or sell Bitcoins during the boom, Bitcoin of America might be worth checking out. Bitcoin of America is a cryptocurrency exchange located out of Chicago, IL. The money exchange specializes in Bitcoin exchange specifically, as compared to many other exchanges that also branch out over a long list of other types of cryptocurrency.

What Is Bitcoin Of America?

The company is registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) in Chicago, IL and had been in the cryptocurrency market for 2 years. The platform allows for the customers from the U.S. to transact Bitcoins in exchange for US Dollars. Transactions of customers from other countries are subject to the rules and regulations of the country of residence.

Bitcoin of America, with its experience in the field of cryptocurrency, strives to make the Bitcoin currency exchange as simple and transparent a process as possible. The company has set up multi-location brick and mortar services too, to make your transactions easier.

The company transacts within the guidelines set by FINCEN and complies with all State and Federal Laws, and is considered to be a safe place to exchange Bitcoins.

Going About Buying And Selling

If you plan to go about buying and selling Bitcoins on the Bitcoin of America platform, you have to register in their platform, which is a pretty simple and straight forward process.

Here you will need to share your name and other details such as your address and social security number to comply with the Federal and State Laws.

Once you are registered and ready to go, you can set up your Bitcoin wallet that will be used while buying and selling Bitcoins.

You can alternatively go to any of the 1,900 locations where Bitcoin of America have store payment locations, for those who prefer some face-to-face transactions.

And if you are using the platform from the comfort of your home, you have the option of buying with your Credit or Debit card, or Wire transfer (including Net Banking). You have the option to pay in Cash or Cash Deposits in the store payment locations.

The buying and selling of Bitcoin can be initiated with a simple click of the button and the time stamped exchange ensures that you get the most recent rate for Bitcoins in the market.

Bitcoin Of America Benefits

Buying And Selling Made Faster

At Bitcoin of America, the exchange vows to make buying and selling Bitcoins faster. Unlike buying through bank transfer that can take a few days, Bitcoin of America ensures that your transactions are processed and accounts are settled within 24 hours.

Valuing Convenience

There are about 1,900 store payment locations and Bitcoin ATMs for convenient offline purchase experience. The online transactions are simple and straight forward, too.

Bulk Transactions At Lower Charges

Bitcoin of America specializes in larger, bulk transaction of the cryptocurrency, where they have one of the lowest transfer charges in the industry. This is a great benefit of the exchange you can leverage to get the best out of your large volume transactions.

Safety While You Trade

Being compliant with the State and Federal Laws, Bitcoin of America provides a safe platform for people who want to trade in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Of America Downsides

Perhaps for the cryptocurrency investor with multiple currency portfolios, the biggest disadvantage of the exchange is that it offers only Bitcoin exchange and other cryptocurrencies are not traded.

Buying Big For The Bitcoin Loyal

Bitcoin of America certainly is a perfect choice for the Bitcoin loyal customer who wants to deal in nothing but Bitcoins, or for those who are new to cryptocurrency and wants to start off with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin of America is a great exchange, especially if you plan on purchasing in bulk.

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