A few days back, concerns were raised challenging Cøbra’s ownership of bitcoin.org. There were concerns that Cøbra might “repurpose Bitcoin.org to promote BCH,” or Bitcoin Cash. With that context, and beyond this singular rationale, a group has now gone ahead and forked the site to be “community-maintained.”

Btcinformation.org launched to take bitcoin.org’s place

Btcinformation.org thinks that Cøbra is damaging Bitcoin.org’s neutrality the maintainers and domain owners have, over the past few years, been taking unilateral actions which go against the wishes of and occurred without the consent of the community. These actions have been driving away frequent contributors to the project. The goal of the new site is to be a neutral, informational resource about Bitcoin and how to use Bitcoin.

Some of the differences from Bitcoin.org:

  • Reverted the redesign: In order to keep btcinformation.org visually distinct from Bitcoin.org, they have reverted the site redesign so that the website has a different look and feel to it.
  • Removed Events: The events page on Bitcoin.org was frequently populated with non-bitcoin related events. This page is additionally hard to maintain with new events, so it has been removed.
  • Removed Bitcoin Core sub-site: Bitcoin Core is a project independent of Bitcoin.org and btcinformation.org. Thus pages dedicated solely to Bitcoin Core have been removed.
  • Disabled translations: While the team is working on the site, they have temporarily disabled translations. They will be re-enabled at some time in the future.
  • Less use of JavaScript and Cookies: They have removed the Google Analytics trackers that are on Bitcoin.org. With this removal, as much JavaScript was removed as possible.
  • Removed donations: For now, they are not accepting donations as they work on a better, distributed donations set up.

The Criticisms About Cøbra

The biggest criticism about Cøbra is that he has an oversized influence on the Bitcoin community, especially considering Cøbra's anonymity and seeming instability. For a community so short on trust, it puts a huge amount of faith in a person about whom there are so many unknowns.

Cøbra's often radical views are ever-evolving and frequently stated in bold, definite proclamations, or with a precious sentimentality that creates an impression of rashness.

A Redditor exemplifies this point in this pic.


Of course, it's apparent that Cøbra experienced some complicated feelings at points, but their propensity for purism is clear and, as beyourseff pointed out, potentially dangerous. What if Cøbra decides that Bitcoin is as “cancerous” as they once believed Bitcoin Cash to be?

Apart from Cøbra's sometimes extreme takes on Bitcoin Cash, they have represented some other unpopular opinions. Once, in November 2017, Cøbra posted a comment on GitHub calling on the Bitcoin community to rewrite the Satoshi white paper, or to write a whole new document and just “call that the Bitcoin whitepaper.”

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