For the past few years, has been the unofficial home to bitcoin and while it is still as popular as ever, has been doing its best to topple it. currently holds a worldwide Alexa ranking of 4872 and a ranking of 3227 in the United States.

It was recently revealed that for the month of October, they managed to have a total of 2.3 million unique visitors, which is a great feat. This comes as digital currencies are becoming more mainstream, with more and more people are learning about their benefits.

On the back of this news, they are continuing to battle it out with for supremacy. The latter currently has a worldwide Alexa ranking of 3921 while their United States ranking is currently 2042.

The original bitcoin white paper has been hosted on since it was first published and the website is referenced within the white paper. This white paper was the official beginning of what we now know as bitcoin.

This means that the battle for who is the premium provider of bitcoin education is yet to be decided.

While currently holds a better Alexa ranking, was central to the original genesis of bitcoin as it has always played host to the original white paper.

This is certainly a competition that warrants a close eye in the coming months and years.

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