Website Updates, Removes Coinbase, & Bitpay Listings New Look Removes References To Coinbase, And Bitpay

One of the most famous crypto websites,, has updated its look during the last week. But some parts of its design have called the attention of the community. It has eliminated incredibly popular crypto-related platforms such as Coinbase,, and Bitpay.’s New Look Discourages Crypto Adoption

The mysterious avatar known as Cobra, which is a key figure behind, wrote that they have given the site a new modern and fresh update. But the changes that the website has performed do not seem to attract the attention of many individuals.

Some users wrote on twitter that the changes included the removal of important companies related to the crypto world, including BitPay, Coinbase and

The organization behind should know that these changes are not helpful for an important number of newcomers to the cryptosphere that are searching good quality sites to be informed about which platforms to use. has been released in August of 2009, some time after Bitcoin was created. Since then, the site became known as the ‘official site’ of the whole crypot and bitcoin ecosystem. At the moment, an unknown person behind the @CobraBitcoin account on twitter, is considered the manager of this site.

It is interesting to see how the page can be improved with a new and fresh redesign, but it is not good for the ecosystem to have a flagship site that provides not good information to the visitors.

At the beginning of this year, Cobra seemed to be facing reality. He tweeted:

“I feel like I’ve lost a piece of my soul after merging this pull request. At some point we all forgot that Bitcoin was supposed to be a decentralized money, and we became OK with outrageous fees and centralized mining, all to chase the $$$.”

But it seems that Cobra did not change for a better proposal like BCH where an on-chain scaling solution is already a reality. The site keeps calling Bitcoin a peer-to-peer system to transact money, for example. It seems that the comments about the reality were just temporary.

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