For people who have bitcoins and want to use them to pay for goods and services, this can be a somewhat difficult task. This is because bitcoin isn’t widely accepted yet, and places that take them seem to fluctuate every month.

In this article, we’ll show online and offline stores and businesses that accept bitcoin in the US. More importantly, we’ll show you how to buy just about anything using bitcoin.

While many big retailing stores don’t accept bitcoin yet, a few do. Also, there are some other smaller sized stores that take bitcoin as payment. We’ll provide you with a list of those.

Of course, we cannot provide you with a complete list because this article will become too long –who wants that?- so, we’ll get you at least 5-10 per category.

We’ll also provide you with possible hacks to find even more stores and companies that will accept bitcoin as payment. The hacks will come in handy in the event that some of the stores we list stop accepting bitcoin as payment. Sounds good? Let’s jump right in.

Retailers – Shop With Bitcoin


The first major retailer to start accepting bitcoin, Overstock’s CEO, Patrick Byrne is an avid blockchain enthusiast and evangelist. He’s been invited to speak at blockchain conferences, and he’s been doing a pretty great job of it.

To pay with bitcoin, just select the items you want on Overstock, and choose the pay with bitcoin option. It’s that simple. They also offer the option of paying with other popular altcoins like Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Monero and Dash.


The electronic retail giant Newegg also accepts bitcoin for payments. Since it’s integrated into their checkout system and payment processors, customers just have to choose the bitpay option as payment during their checkout.

Amazon Through

Yaay! You can now buy from Amazon through. Purse details this in its blog post Here’s a complete breakdown on how it all works and how you can take advantage of it.

Whole Foods

Considered America’s, and also the UK’s healthiest grocery store, this retailer offers healthy food choices, making it the go-to store for those looking to eat healthier and live better.

While you can’t buy from Whole Foods directly, there’s a workaround that’s just as efficient. First, you’ll need to buy a Whole Foods gift card from, then use that card to buy whatever you need from Whole Foods.


Beloved Shirts

An ecommerce store for custom made men, women and kid’s apparel, this store offers a wide range of really nice t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatshirts, joggers, and tracksuit designs in many colors and sizes.

They take bitcoin as a means of payment. You can check out Beloved Shirt's bitcoin payment page on

6 Dollar Shirts

A tees store, everything here costs no more than $6. They are a pretty forward thinking store, accepting bitcoins as payment for their T-shirts. So, if you need to buy some decent affordable tees, using bitcoin, this is the store to check out. Their wide array of t-shirt designs ensures that you get everything you need here.

Aeropostale and American Eagle

Want to buy clothing from these stores? Well, simply use Egifter sells gift cards that you can trade in to buy clothing materials from any of the aforementioned stores.

Simply go to, and choose your preferred gift cards, and pay with bitcoin. They offer gift cards from over 250 stores. So, take advantage of this.


Bitcoin Travel

This is a database of travel, accommodation and transport services that use bitcoin. Here, all you have to do is simply do a search for available flights and other extras. Sites that are pulled up are bound to have bitcoin payment as an option. The website is at

Cheap Air

Available at, this is an aggregator website for cheap flights tickets, airlines, hotels and accommodation, as well as transport.

With over 3 million users who have benefited from the service, Cheap Air offers travelers the opportunity to pay for their travels using bitcoins.

Just do a search for your flights on the site, select your preferred airline and tariff plan, review your tariff, click Continue and choose “Bitcoin and Altcoins” as your Preferred Payment method. This is what it looks like:

As you can see, there are you can also pay with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash.


Expedia’s partnership with Coinbase led to the hugely successful integration of bitcoin payments on the travel booking site. While it’s still restricted to just hotel bookings for now, chances are travelers may be able to book their flights, and transportation using bitcoin on Expedia.

Here’s more information on how it works:

Home Furniture, Kitchen Equipment and Appliances

This category is too broad as there are far too many retailers and local stores catering to these needs.

Don’t worry though, you can still find those through an aggregator website. The best we’ve found for US residents is Just visit the site, select your preferred category and you’ll see the list of stores accepting bitcoin for that category.

Movies and Gaming

Big Fish Games

A provide of popular PC, video, mac. Mobile and online games, Big Fish games offers a wide range of games that you can purchase and play.

In keeping with their innovative strategies, they have also jumped on the bitcoin wagon and are now accepting bitcoin payments for their games. All you have to do is go to, click the youtube video and follow their instructions to pay for games with bitcoin.


An online gaming company, Zynga makes many small sized free games, with a condition: you will often need in-app purchases to progress in their games.

The company used to sell this to users in exchange for cash only. Now, they have integrated bitcoin as a payment option for players looking to buy virtual tokens.

Zynga is the gaming company behind popular games like Farmville, Words with Friends, CSR2, the Wizard of Oz slots, Willy Wonka slots, Hit it Rich Slots, Dawn of Titans, Zynga Poker and many other games.

MicroSoft Games

Microsoft takes bitcoin that you deposit in your account. Please note that these funds can only be used to buy games, videos and apps from the Xbox and Windows Apps stores. Purchasing products from the Microsoft Store requires other means of funding.

Deposits made through bitcoin are non-refundable because of the risk level. Anyway, movie and gaming lovers will find this a pretty convenient way to buy their intended games and rent movies. You can access both links where you can use your bitcoins at and

Drinks and Food

Anchor Grill New York

When next you’re in New York City and need to eat at a great place that takes bitcoins, you might want to stop over at Anchor Grill. This restaurant sells modern European cuisine.

So, if you’re in the mood for some fantastic Mediterranean food, fresh seafood, and char-grilled steaks, and only intend to pay with bitcoin, this is the place to go.


This Lebanese Middle Eastern restaurant is located in New York’s East Village and boasts of amazing delicacies from the Middle East. More importantly, they take bitcoin, which makes it a great place to eat when you have a desire for some amazing dining and exotic food. If this appeals to you, simply visit to do your booking.

Arrowhead Beef

An organic, grass-fed beef processing outfit, this company focuses on delivering grass-fed, premium cut beef to your doorstep. They offer ground beef, contemporary steaks, premium roasts, premium steaks and special cuts.

More importantly, they accept bitcoin. Just log on to their website at, pick your choice of meats, order and pay with bitcoin. Simple and straightforward.

Bees Bros

This store sells pure honey and its related products including honey caramels, honey roasted almonds, honey beeswax lotion bar, honey soap, honey lip balm and many other honey based products. They accept bitcoin as well as other altcoins.

Some of the products listed on this page, have bitcoin checkout badges. So, check them out if you want honey and other bee related products.

Pizza for Coins

When people want to talk about how far bitcoin has come and its present value compared to its value in 2009, they often cite the story about someone buying two pizzas for 10,000 BTC in 2009.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to people that you can still buy pizzas with bitcoin –although bitcoin is a lot more valuable now. It’s almost as if bitcoin is associated with pizza. In keeping with this, there are many pizza shops that will take bitcoin as payment for pizzas.

Because they are so many, it’s difficult to list all of them here. To make this easy, just use This site will show you pizza shops near you that will accept bitcoin as payment. The service also accepts over 50 other altcoins.


Reeds Jewelers

Who says you need to pay cash or use your cards to pay for your jewelry? Thanks to innovative jewelers like Reeds Jewelers to take bitcoin, you can easily buy your loved one that jewelry you know they’ll go crazy for. So, whether it’s engagement rings, wedding rings, ear rings, necklaces, bracelets or any other form of jewelry, Reeds Jewelers will take your bitcoin and give you your desired jewelry.

Numismatics, Coin Collecting and Precious Metals

Amagi Metals

This is numismatic store that sells gold and silver coins, bars, platinum metals, copper and so much more. It’s not surprising therefore, that they would accept bitcoin as payment. So if you ever need to buy your gold or silver coins, as well as other precious metals and want to pay with bitcoin, visit, scroll down and click the “Buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin” tab. Here’s what it looks like:



This store sells gold and silver coins, gold bars, and platinum coins. And they will sell to you if you buy with bitcoin. In fact, bitcoin is their primary currency for transactions. Just pick any item you want from their website at, click pay, and you’ll see the price in bitcoin.


Apmex sells precious metals and accepts bitcoin as a primary means of exchange. They sell everything from gold and silver bars to platinum and palladium.

They are able to accept bitcoin payments through the integration of Bitpay in their website. Just visit the website at, select your intended precious metal and choose the Bitpay option upon checkout.


Autism Speaks

A non-profit organization dedicated to the autism cause and the improvement of autism spectrum disorder both in the US and globally. You’ll find the site at Just go there, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see “Donate here”. Just click the link and it’ll take you to where you can pay with bitcoin.

C:\Users\Stan\Desktop\Austism Speaks.jpg

There are ton more charities that will take bitcoin donations if you ask or check. Here’s a link to almost 50 charities like that:

Effective Workaround

There’s an incredibly easy workaround in the names of, and These online digital gift card platforms offers a wide range of gift cards including those from CVS, Walmart and Zappos, that you can use to buy your items from designated retailers.

A quick visit to or will show you all the retailers whose gift cards they’re carrying. You can buy all these cards using bitcoin. Just go to and follow the steps –same for Egifter.

You can also take advantage of Yelp’s algorithm. Simply go to Yelp and do the following:

Step 1:

You can vary the query by replacing the words “restaurants macaroni”. Those are just placeholders.

Step 2: Click “More Features”

Step 3: Check “Accepts Bitcoin” and then execute your search.

It’s that simple. If you have any services that accept bitcoin around your location, it’ll bring them up.

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