With the recent craze that has surrounded digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, many companies have jumped on the crypto bandwagon, to create specialized products like sweaters or pens that are made for a certain niche audience. In a similar vein, it was recently announced that Ancora (a leading Italian Pen maker), is going to be releasing a limited number of crypto inspired fountain and roller-ball pens.

What Is Ancora?

According to information that can be found online, Ancora is as one of the first Italian companies to produce pens in the country. It was founded by Giuseppe Zanini, who in the early part of the twentieth century started his own production factory to create pens that were not only highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

The company prides itself on favoring artisanal craftsmanship over mass production. As a result of this, each pen is handcrafted and is made to undergo rigorous testing before it is made available to the public. However, the downside to all this is that these pens are not accessible to everyone (owing to their extremely high cost).

What Are Bitcoinpens?

Ancora has created a range of ‘BitCoin inspired Pens’ that are aimed to be used by high profile individuals, or other people involved in the world of bitcoin and digital assets. Since there are only a limited number of pens that are going to be released, the price of each unit is expected to increase as time goes on (because it will become a collectible item after its release). Additionally, users who sign up early will receive various discounts, and as the production phase goes on, the price of the pens will increase.

In all there will be only 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens that will be created.

Other details

Gold Nib: each of the pens come with a customizable 18 carat gold nib that allows for amazing handwriting, as well as gives the pen a unique look.

Can be given as a Gift: these pens serve to act as the perfect gift for people who like to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ICO’s.

Payment options: in order to make a purchase, users have the ability to complete transactions using monetary means such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EUR, USD.

Bitcoinpens Products

During the Pre-Production stage, buyers will be eligible to obtain a 25% discount. During this period, the prices of the pens will be as follows:

  • Fountain pen : 1000 USD each
  • Rollerball pen : 750 USD each

During the Production Stage, the cost of the pens will be maintained as follows:

  • Fountain pen : 1250 USD each
  • Rollerball pen : 1000 USD each

After the production phase, the pens will be sold at the following rates:

  • Fountain pen : 2500 USD each
  • Rollerball pen : 2250 USD each

Purchasing Bitcoinpens

All orders for the aforementioned pens can be submitted on the official company website. The pricing and delivery dates have all been mentioned clearly on the page. Payments can be made using many safe and secure means. For any further inquiries, company representatives can be contacted by dropping an email to them.

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