Bitcoin Perfume: BTC Can Now Buy You Personalized Luxury Fragrances

If you are the kind of person that is able to purchase a Lambo thanks to the Bitcoin, then we are sure you will be able to purchase a perfume that is worth one bitcoin. According to the latest news in the market a company that is in Alas, in the Pyrenees of Lleida have just created a fragrance, but not just any fragrance as it is an exclusive one that has been inspired by the bitcoin technology, this is all according to the specification that was sent by the client.

The Bitcoin perfume has been designed with a secret mixture, which has said to contain sandalwood, orange blossom and also musk. All this being part of the fragrance as most customers have expressly requested. And at the moment very little is actually know who exactly made the request as the customer’s name has not been released to the public.

However, the individuals behind the creation of this particular scent have just revealed that it is an Asian man, he is a pioneer when it comes to the cryptocurrencies. The client has already gone ahead and placed his order of a number of small bottles with the intention of gifting his close friends. The company went ahead to ask if they are able to sell the perfume, but the client has specified that the sale can happen only in bitcoin, but with the current market price the company feels it is impossible, so the best option is giving it away.

The Current Value Of The Perfume Is At 1 BTC

Having a bottle of perfume priced at 1 BTC is just a little exaggerated, this is in comparison to the other products that are in the market, and even in contrast to the other products that are made by the company.

At most the company products would cost 50 Euros having the 1 BTC price to be a little too high. But as we have seen with the crypto world, anything is possible, and even the world of collectibles has made many things a reality.

A Little About The Beyou Company

The company was born as a small startup, but with its innovative proposal and also quality products it was able to give it the needed limelight and made the company a winner of the Andorran MoraBanc award. With the reward, it was able to open up tremendous doors for the team and was able to get the necessary funding to grow the project.

There have been several BTC related objects that have hit the market, which have been commercialized in different platforms. Thus BTC is proving to be a great opportunity even for those businesses that are not related to the crypto market.

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