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As the Bitcoin market continues to grab the attention of economic entities and analysts all over the world, more and more unique applications provide unique outlets for expression and action using cryptocurrencies. With some analysts even predicting that Bitcoin will eventually become an internationally-recognized currency for all to use, it’s no mystery why new and innovative companies continue to put forward unique applications for the ever-growing form of payment.

Bitcoin Postage is one such organization. Seeking to capitalize on the growing number of entrepreneurs interested in centralizing their global transactions and business models using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Postage is a new service poised to revolutionize the way global consumers, and businesses, do mailings and orders. By allowing users to purchase postage and mail things using their service with Bitcoin, the site offers near complete anonymity—a quality which continues to be virtually unheard of, especially in the realm of international shipping.

This guide will give consumers an in-depth look at the main factors that make, and break, Bitcoin Postage. Additionally, this piece should leave you, the reader, with the tools and knowledge necessary to revitalize and reform your shipping process in the cryptocurrency realm by using this new and exciting service.

Problems With Bitcoin Postage

However, the service does not exist without its caveats. Consumers need to be aware that the anonymity offered by Bitcoin Postage is not fool-proof, and certain qualities of the packages being shipped are still required in order to avoid the inadvertent violation of a host of country-specific and international regulations.

Despite the potential flaws, Bitcoin Postage still offers a variety of useful services to consumers, including address verification and expedited shipping.

The Bitcoin Postage Process

The process for securing postage on Bitcoin Postage is simple, and closely parallels the process to purchase postage in the real world. The main differences, however, are two-fold.

First, consumers of this postage company are making the purchase from their home. This means that, before even considering this service, readers need to have a printer capable of printing out the postage. Like any other package, the postage must be in physical form and placed on the shipment prior to mailing it.

Most printers in 2017 should be able to print the postage the site has to offer, but potential customers should still make sure that they have a working printer capable of presenting them with a physical copy of their postage.

Second, potential buyers should be well-acquainted with the Bitcoin payment process. Although the Bitcoin Postage payment process is fundamentally the same as most other Bitcoin payment processes, it still requires a little bit of know-how. Be sure to read up on the payment form before moving on to the purchasing page to ensure a quick and safe purchasing process.

Users simply have to enter the “from” and “to” shipping information before being taken to the “rates” and “payment” sections of the site to secure their postage.

Anonymity On Bitcoin Postage

Bitcoin Postage also provides a convenient guide for users who wish to maximize their privacy during the shipping process.

For the most part, the guide warns users of the most basic operational security when using anonymous internet browsers like TOR. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend users take a look at TOR’s guide to security on the deep web.

The site does take some institutional steps to encourage safe and anonymous shipping. Providing a decentralized payment method (Bitcoin), an anonymous tracking method, and encouraging PGP-encrypted communications, the organization takes every step necessary to avoid the anonymity pitfalls of real-world packaging companies.

The ultimate judge of operational security, however, is going to be the user. Readers should ensure that they follow all the necessary procedures to maintain the level of anonymity that is right for their project.

Final Words On Bitcoin Postage

Bitcoin Postage offers a decentralized and anonymous way for consumers to acquire postage and make shipments. Despite the possible flaws in execution, the site provides an ideal mechanism for businesses all around the world to grab onto the much-needed process of anonymization in the realm of shipments, both domestically and internationally.

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  1. HAve had CONSTANT problems using Half of the time I get an “invoice underpaid” message after sending my bitcoins even when sending EXTRA and rounding up from the total charge. Email responses have taken 3 days, with NO REFUND, NO SHIPPING LABEL, NO remedy at all. Steer clear from this scam site, so far they have received over $200 from me with one email response since last week.

    • Please email us at bitcoinpostage (at) so we can look into the problem you are having and refund you the fund.


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