Bitcoin is considering as one of the most powerful cryptocurrency in the market, which has been backed up by the fantastic blockchain technology. Bitcoin has been able to offer many investors the safest and the most reliable transactions. As a result, many investment opportunities keep coming up.

Why You Need To Stay Clear Of Bitcoin Power Limited

This particular investment opportunity caught our eye and wanted to warn our readers to stay clear of it. As the company claims that its investors can earn a stable income with the most profitable returns from each deposit they make. That is earning about 0.35% every hour forever, or about 8.4% daily when you invest a minimum of 0.001 BTC. And you could earn a maximum of 0.50% hourly if you invest from 20 BTC with no maximum amount.

As we know nothing is certain, thus, raising more doubts about the investment platform.

Let’s not forget the affiliate program they have put in place; the platform wants you to attract other potential investors to the company. They have designed three levels in the affiliate program, that is 1%, 2% and 4% of the amount that’s has been deposited. It has been tailored to make you refer more individuals so that you can earn a higher commission.

Bitcoin Power Limited Investment Platform Conclusion

The platform has many red flags that don’t seem a good fit for our readers to invest in. Their other safer options for you to put your hard-earned cash and this does not seem like the one we can advise on.


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