Gone are the days when cryptocurrency was the next big thing; its time is now. More people are expressing interest in digital currencies as the days go by. Going by the current trend, it will not be long till virtual currency takes over as the primary means of trade. For this reason, and the electronic nature of such currencies, there needs to be a platform that guarantees safety of online transactions.

Bitcoin profit LTD is such a firm, equipped with a dedicated server which is impregnable to malicious denial of service (DoS) attacks. Besides security, the platform is equally impressive from a business perspective. Clients are entitled to daily interests on their investments, realizing huge profits after the stipulated period.

Opening An Account In Bitcoin Profiter

This is as simple as accessing bitcoin profiter LTD at bitcoinprofiter.com and hitting the Register button which is conspicuously displayed on the home page. Apart from personal info, the only other prerequisite is a Bitcoin address, which can be obtained from Bitcoin wallet providers. Notably, one should verify the email address entered during signing up, since once it is confirmed it cannot be altered whatsoever.

Making A Deposit

After logging in, click on the ‘make a deposit’ tab. Thereafter, a prompt asking the client’s preferred source of payment pops up. Deposits can be as low as 0.0001 BTC, with no upper limit. Before the money reflects, it must be confirmed by a series of computers on the Bitcoin network, usually three. This is a security measure implemented to reduce fraud in the virtual currency sector.


Once the deposits reflect, interest start to accrue. After, the first 24 hours, users can notice an increase in their principal, as a result of the interest amassed. This process is continuous, and goes on regardless of the day, be it a weekday, weekend or holiday. However, it is worth noting that the profits are not compounded.


Investors can withdraw any amount at the time of their choice, free of charge. The system is instantaneous, meaning that the cash is processed immediately.

Referral Commission

Registered clients are often rewarded with small amounts if they introduce friends to the network through their referral links.

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