If you thought that artists and journalists had nothing to contribute to the evolution of blockchain, then you will be impressed by Bitcoin Quest. This is a picture contest where the players search for and find hidden seeds and get to keep the coins they find. This game was invented by a passionate artist and journalist with a lot of interest in blockchain, and he sure found an excellent way to combine all his interest in one game.

How Bitcoin Quest Brain Twister Games Work

The idea of Bitcoin Quest is to search for hidden Bitcoin wallet seeds in hand drawn pictures. The artist behind this entertaining game will draw and release one size A1 picture with a beautiful scene but packed with concealed Electrum wallet seeds for the competitors to find. Each month, one picture will be released and players will hunt down and find the hidden Bitcoins in the picture.

Players of the game will be required to send $25 US to the artist who will pool all the funds and split them to between 7 and 20 equal portions to fill the winning addresses that are ciphered in the competition picture. Players can then buy the auction picture and help contribute to the quest fund. An auction of the pictures will be held every month beginning on first.

How To Play Bitcoin Quest & Earn Bitcoin Prizes

Upon purchasing the quest picture in the auction, the player needs to look for the hidden first word of every seed, marked with “№1”. When they find the first word, they will then go ahead to play by finding all the twelve words that follow the first one. The last word in the search is marked with a star. Almost every word in the picture will always have a hint or a pointer to the next word to make it easy for the player to find it.

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