Bitcoin Scammers Steal Identity From Famous TV Host In New Zealand

Being famous might have its perks but it is not all good. Bitcoin scammers in New Zealand have recently decided to enjoy the fame of other people themselves to scam people and have stolen the identity of Daniel Faitaua, a local celebrity that works as a TV host in the country.

Scammers that used the ID of the man claimed that he doubled his money almost instantly after they showed him how to buy cryptos on television. The fake news claim that a young investor was interviewed at his show, Breakfast, and that he got even richer after he learned to invest in cryptos.

The story got famous as the man affirmed that he never owned Bitcoin and that it was all “fake news”. He never actually hosted the show that people were talking about and affirmed that he has never invested in any crypto at all.

Using Fake Journalists

According to the information we have, the stories were written by “fake journalists”. These people invested in Bitcoin in the scam and then wrote fake stories using a language that looked like journalism to fool potential investors.

People would read the news and, without being more well informed, they would simply believe that what they were reading was true and would invest. It’s basically the most common fake news process put into action by scammers.

Crypto ScammersLove Stealing IDs

The world, unfortunately, has a lot of crypto scammers. Impersonation and identity theft are very common and you may even know who the main target generally is. If you thought about Elon Musk, you are right. The most common scam involved impersonating Elon Musk and affirming that people have to pay 0.1 BTC to prove that they are “serious” in order to get from 1 to 10 BTC.

Some people have even impersonated Barack Obama and other celebrities, as famous people are generally the ones who are easier to use to convince people.

This story was originally reported by The Next Web’s Hard Fork.

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