Bitcoin Shirt

The Bitcoin Shirt online store specializes in producing high quality and unique Bitcoin merchandise including T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Mugs, Hats, Posters and more. All of their designs are unique and claim to tell a story.

The owner loves Bitcoin, and people can support as the owner will donate portion of his or her profits to

The Bitcoin Shirt Story

On the blog that can be read on the Bitcoin Shirt homepage, the owner states the following:

“I created due to a complete lack of high quality, eccentric and distinctive T-Shirt designs. “

“When I wanted to buy a T-Shirt to proudly display my support for, the designs out there were horrifying. And I do not mean just poorly made and designed, but completely senseless and without the story.”

“Being picky about my clothes, I started designing the T-Shirt I would actually want to wear. A T-Shirt which anyone would like even though they had zero knowledge about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain. The T-Shirt which will have the story, not just a logo. I wanted a conversation starter.”

“After designing my own T-Shirt and showing it off online, I was asked by community members where I got it. People loved it. I began this journey of finding the best quality clothing brands and printing services.”

“My inspiration comes from everyday communication with people interested in Bitcoins and everything around it. “

Bitcoin Shirt Opens After 3 Months Of Preparation

“After 3 months of preparations, the is finally opened. It was quite a journey for me personally since this is something I never did in my life. I’ll admit it was quite hard from time to time to get everything from web-design to fulfillment and suppliers, but in the end, it was worth it.”

“The whole process was amazing. I woke up every morning pumped with new ideas, with new creative ways to improve the user interface on the website, etc. I felt the passion I haven’t felt in a while. My long-lasting wish of having something that can help and educate the Crypto community is finally fulfilled.”

“I’m finally doing something meaningful, something to spread the word about this crypto movement of theirs which will completely transform the world we live in. To be able to help people promote Bitcoin is something I’m excited about.”

More details about Bitcoin Shirt is able to be seen on the company’s website at bitcoin

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