Bitcoin Stack

Have you heard of TBCS.Trade, also known as Bitcoin Stack? This company promises you that, if you invest some money in it, you will be able to get profit by renting hashpower and mining tokens.

The company states on its site that it is the result of seasoned investors and financial consultants that decided to apply their experience and knowledge to make the market more profitable for other people. By creating TBCS (The Bitcoin Stack), this group has decided to create a platform in which their knowledge could be shared and wealth could be created via cryptocurrency mining.

What Is Bitcoin Stack?

This is a mining company in which you decide some amount of money that you are going to invest in mining and you get your return on investment over time. The main advantage of using a contract for remote mining instead of mining yourself is that many companies get electricity for a cheaper price, meaning that you do not need to buy mining rigs and will profit more.

You will be able to mine all the cryptocurrencies cataloged on the list of the company and mine different cryptos for different profits. This allows for more transparency because you can choose what you are going to mine and also for more options and power for the users who decided to invest in this mining company.

The company states that it has 5,248 mining rigs, makes 275 transactions per hour and has five years in the market.

Bitcoin Stack Bitcoin Cloud Mining Investment Plans

This company has devised a total of four different plans that you can use. All the plans have capital protection and instant withdrawals:

  • Starter pack: $2,000 to $19,999 USD: 5-25% weekly return on investment;
  • Professional pack: $20,000 to $49,999 USD: 25-45% weekly return on investment;
  • Enterprise pack: $50,000 to $100,000USD: 45-65% weekly return on investment;
  • NFP pack: $20,000 to $100,000 USD: 250% return on investment in three days;

Is It Safe To Use Bitcoin Stack?

We have our doubts about how safe this company is. Our main concern is that the TBCS.Trade site is not very informative at all and that the people who own the company have not divulged their faces and their names. This might mean that the company is not telling the truth.

There is an incredibly big number of scams on the internet, so watching out for them and having doubts about companies like this one are definitely a good defense measure. It is impossible for us to tell if Bitcoin Stack is legit at the moment, so you will have to wait for updates.

Bitcoin Stack Conclusion

We advise against investing your money on Bitcoin Stack at this exact moment. Many doubts are raised by the site of the company and not many of them are really answered, so you have to think very carefully before risking your money. Also, the minimum investment, $2,000 USD, is too high for a company that you are not 100% sure that will be good, so really, avoid the Bitcoin Stack.

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