Online retailer that accepts cryptocurrencies as a mean of payment, Bitcoin Superstore has added yet another cryptocurrency option to its list of payment methods. With the addition of the XRP, consumers will now have the option to choose between Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Dash [DASH], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] and of course, XRP.

The announcement was first made via Twitter, in which Bitcoin Superstore tweeted out:

“We are excited to announce our acceptance of #Ripple! Customers can now buy from nearly any online retailer with Ripple. What does the #XRPCommunity think of our addition?”

Not only are users now given a diverse list of payment methods, they can also choose from over 200,000 online stores, including major players like Amazon, Walmart, Visa, Nike and Starbucks – with just about any category of stores possible.

The entire purchasing process seems to be quite simple as well. Based on the Bitcoin Superstore website, users are required to enter the product name, URL, listed prices and appropriate shipping costs desired and simply check out.

Since the tweet, many of the followers and XRP community members were quick to respond, with majority expressing immense joy in yet another option to choose from. However, some were quick to note a mistake made on Bitcoin Superstore’s part, as the retailer wrote “acceptance of #Ripple” as opposed to “acceptance of #XRP”. Here are just a few examples:

Andrew French @Asiamtm

“I think it’s awesome, however, please change the headline to “acceptance of XRP” because Ripple is a company, XRP is the digital asset/currency. Thanks.”

XRP.Paris @IntelliCrypto

“Although it’s a lovely initiative, though you’re kicking off very bad … @Ripple is a company and $XRP is the digital asset you’re referring to. This has to be clarified. You’re accepting #XRP and not #Ripple. Thank you #XRPTheBase.”

Chinazepppelin @statesupervisch

“Great work! So essentially anything at Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc. could now be purchased with XRP through the Bitcoin Superstore platform.”

As for the grave mistake made on Bitcoin Superstore’s part, the online retailer has since acknowledged the mistake and apologized for it.

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