Bitcoin Unlimited Adds ABC Client Upgrade to Version 1.5 Adding CTOR and CDSV

Bitcoin’s Unlimited development team has published the full nodes’ Bitcoin Cash edition version 1.4.0. This edition includes implanting the November 15 upgrade features from Bitcoin ABS.

The development team indicated that support for the Bitcoin SV ruleset is “pending” and Bitcoin’s Unlimited’s lead programmer explained that he would like to see miners vote on ABC and SV changes suing the BIP135 bits standard.

The hard fork is quickly approaching and Bitcoin Unlimited programmers published BU version 1.5.0. The BU client is compatible with BCH chain and other hard forks that took place in the past. The BU 1.5.0 also features some notable changes compared to previous client releases.

The team’s developer Andrea Suisani explained that BU software includes canonical transaction ordering (CTOR), the optcode OP-checkdatasigverify (CDSV), which is an enforced “clean stack” rule, a “push only” rule for script-sig, a 100-byte minimum transaction size and more.

The new version may lead to BU implementation that is fully compatible with Bitcoin ABC’s ruleset changes. On Twitter, developers explained that SV support is “pending.” And on Reddit forum r/btc, the platform’s lead developer explained he hopes that miners will use a voting system collaborated by the team. In his words:

What I would really like to see is miners start voting based on the BIP135 bits that we defined together with Bitcoin XT – Miners that support the Nov. 15 hard fork could start voting for the SV features they support.

Miners that don’t support the hard fork (even if that miner will follow the hash power majority come Nov. 15) should start using BIP135 to vote for the features it supports. A vote for a feature is basically saying ‘I like the feature, but I want a different activation mechanism.’

Stone also discussed that there are many votes showing a majority consensus and that they should halt the November fork or start BIP135 activation. He also explained that people do not need to run BU to vote on the features because miners can set the BIP135 bits in their block version field using mining pool software. Community members then inquired if the BIP135 system enabled the features automatically. The developer responded,

“BIP135 voting does not enable the features automatically, but after a 3-month 75% greater ‘yes’ and a 3-month ‘grace’ (time to implement the feature) period – so plenty of time.”

Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts expressed satisfaction with BU’s new release. The closer the upgrade date gets, users may be able to expect that the platform will release a full node client 0.1.0 release. Unlike previous releases, the new code will include all three consensus changes, which include re-enabled opcodes, more opcodes per script, and the 128MB block size release.

With Bitcoin SV dropping the newest version, BU may also add SV additions to full node implementation. However, as the developer noted, either way miners can now favor certain proposals using BIP135.

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