Bitcoin Voice is an uncensorable voting platform created by a 14-year old developer. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Bitcoin Voice?

Bitcoin Voice, found online at, is a democratic and censorship-resistant platform that aims to facilitate decision-making within the bitcoin community.

The platform was built by a 14-year old developer named Alex Pasfield, who announced the project in April 2018. Alex also recently completed an interview with Pasfield, who goes by the name Plain Crypto (@Plaincrypt) online, has been coding since age 9. Now, with Bitcoin Voice, he has created a platform where the BCH and BTC communities can vote on important subjects by “putting their money where their mouth is”.

Let’s take a closer look at how Bitcoin Voice works.

How  Bitcoin Voice BTC & BCH Community Blockchain Voting Works

Bitcoin Voice is an application that shows public messages tethered to blockchain transactions that are sourced from live data. The goal is to create a de-facto voting system for the bitcoin community. This voting system may be utilized as a verifiable voting record of blockchain users weighted by their transaction amounts.

All Bitcoin Voice voting data is 100% verifiable and sourced live from blockchain data. It shows public messages that users have attached to their blockchain transactions. A group of users can send the same exact message to aggregate their transaction amounts in the ranking.

Bitcoin Voice is currently working with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), and a bitcoin testnet. You can search for transactions today at

The website totals transactions in the blockchain that have been tagged using the same publicly-labeled message. You can view public labels on the website, then push a label higher by sending a transaction with that tag. You don’t have to send the transaction to any particular address – you can send the transaction to yourself, for example, to show support for a particular initiative.

The transaction total for each vote will be attached to the public label for as long as it remains unspent.

What’s the point of Bitcoin Voice? The point is to promote and allow for a more democratic and censorship resistant decision-making process within the bitcoin community. There’s no chance of rigging votes: anyone can verify votes online simply by checking the transactions on the public blockchain.

Bitcoin Voice wraps this entire voting system in a sleek UI. That UI makes it easy to view aggregate transaction data and check public labels.

How To Vote With Bitcoin Voice

Bitcoin Voice lets you “vote” by adding a specific public label to your bitcoin transaction. You can create a new label. Or, you can check existing labels on, then send a transaction to push a label further up the list.

Attaching a public label to your bitcoin transaction is straightforward. You can use a client like Bitcoin Cash Unlimited that allows you to attach a “public label” field on the Send tab, for example. Create your transaction, type something into the public label field, and Bitcoin Voice will count your vote based on that public label.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Voice?

One of the most remarkable things about Bitcoin Voice is the age of its developer. 14-year old developer Alex Pasfield has been coding since the age of 9. In an interview with, Pasfield claims he was inspired to develop in the blockchain space after his dad sparked his interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

“My dad had been teaching me programming at the time and then gave me insight into uncensorable, distributed, peer-to-peer, permissionless, global money systems — And given he and I have somewhat of a libertarian streak, this resonated with me immediately,”

Since becoming interested in cryptocurrencies, Pasfield has been commissioned by groups in Australia and Sweden to design and built crypto-related and blockchain projects.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest information from Alex Pasfield through his Twitter @PlainCrypt. Alex announced his Bitcoin Voice project with a tweet on April 7.

Bitcoin Voice Conclusion

Bitcoin Voice is a decentralized, censorship-resistant voting platform that makes it easy for BTC and BCH community members to register their support for different protocols. Bitcoin Voice tracks the messages posted in a bitcoin transaction’s public label. As more transactions are sent with a particular public label, votes for that label are tallied, causing a public label to rise in the rankings. Rankings are based on trading volume – not the number of trades.

To learn more about Bitcoin Voice and its unique bitcoin community voting system, visit online today at

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