Mike Klingler has released a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to multiply your money overnight. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Bitcoin X Multiplier?

Bitcoin X Multiplier is a bitcoin investment scheme that recently appeared online at The website was created by Mike Klingler, who promises to teach you a way to start “multiplying” your bitcoin as early as tomorrow.

All you need to do is register through the website, gain access to the platform’s dashboard, then wait for Mike’s email where he shows you “how to multiply your bitcoin daily.”

Typically, when we see words like “multiply your bitcoin”, it means we’re dealing with an MLM scam, a pyramid scheme, or some type of HYIP. Is Mike Klingler’s Bitcoin X Multiplier yet another bitcoin investment scam? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity?

Keep reading to find out.

How Does Bitcoin X Multiplier Work?

Mike Klinger’s bitcoin multiplication scheme basically involves signing up for USI Tech, a company that makes automated trading software – particularly for the forex market.

You sign up through the website we mentioned above, then gain access to your USI Tech dashboard. From this dashboard, you can view the number of registered members, view BTC packages, and check your available balance.

The signup process is straightforward. You enter your name and email address into the Bitcoin X Multiplier page, then enter your name and email address into the USI Tech page, where you’re automatically signing up under Mike Klingler, who’s listed as an independent promoter. An activation link is sent to your email address.

Once you’ve activated your USI Tech account, you’ll gain access to your USI Tech dashboard. Basically, the dashboard helps you keep track of your progress as you make your way through a multilevel marketing-style commission structure. The dashboard has features like a “Car Bonus” countdown, for example. You can see how many more sales you require before the company buys a lease on a car.

How Do You Make Money With Bitcoin X Multiplier?

The USI Tech platform involves using automated trading strategies to make gains in the marketplace.

However, these platforms all typically work in a similar way: you need to invest a lot of money to make it worthwhile (say, over $20,000). Or, they implement trading strategies that have little chance of generating a profit.

Despite the lack of evidence, Bitcoin X Multiplier claims to “multiply your bitcoins”. Typically, when someone tells you they can “multiply your money”, they’re talking about doubling or tripling the value. It’s unclear how Bitcoin X Multiplier can advertise gains of 200% or 300% in days, or what kind of proof they offer to back up those numbers.

In any case, the main way to make money appears to involve referring other people to the platform. You pay to join the platform, then make money by convincing other people to pay to join. You might make a bit of money through USI Tech’s automated trading activity – but you’re unlikely to double or triple your investment overnight.

Who Is Mike Klingler?

Mike Klingler is a network marketer who has founded or co-founded a number of companies in the space, including Coaching Cognition, Marketing Merge, Renegade University, Renegade Professional, and Marketing Funnel Mastery.

Overall, Klingler’s businesses seem dedicated to teaching people how to become better network marketers. He leads online classes, in-person classes, and other training initiatives.

In any case, the Mike Klingler sales page that recently appeared online was made by Klingler’s official consulting company, Mike Klingler Consulting, Inc.

Bitcoin X Multiplier Conclusion

Bitcoin X Multiplier is some type of sales funnel created by a network marketer named Mike Klingler. The website lures you in with promises of “multiplying your bitcoins”. In reality, you’re basically just being convinced to sign up for Mike Klinger’s email newsletter, then signing up for USI Tech – an automated trading platform – in Mike’s downline.

Ultimately, there doesn’t seem to be any scam here. You’re not being forced to give money to anyone. However, you should temper your expectations and be prepared to be involved with a pyramid scheme, while also being bombarded with marketing emails in your inbox. When somebody promises to “multiply your bitcoin”, it almost always means you’re about to be pitched a pyramid scheme.

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  1. You are so misinformed about USI and Mike Klingler. I think you should do your proper due diligence before making such slandering statements. There is no cost or fee to join USI and it doesn’t take $ 20,000 or anywhere near that. And you absolutely can multiply bitcoin the first day, I’m doing it.

  2. I am a part of usi. Just recently became a member. Getting others to join is encouraged but not necessary. Im not sure what you mean by “pay to join the platform” i didnt have to pay anything to sign up.
    I have seen return on my investments already, and if anyone thinks that roughly 1% every business day is negligible, it sure pays better than the banks. I did not have to get anyone to sign up to make this happen. Getting others in on it does speed things up however. My concerns are how can something that pays this well be legitimate, where does the value come from? If i invest $2500 in btc packages, in less than two years that becomes over $100000. It is crazy.
    Another concern of mine is that after millions of dollars in btc have been funnelled into USI, can soneone just “take the money and run”?
    I joined the internet marketing world. I am the type of guy who likes to see others benefit and feel good. But i dispise it when bringing success or joy to others is motivated by personal gain. That is what i seem to see is prevelant in the marketing world. People claiming to be do gooders, but they are the ones with the huge bank accounts that get bigger by people buying into their great ideas. They prosper by selling hope that anyone can prosper and become wealthy. I hope this is not the case with mike klingler.
    He is now a much more wealthy man because of his USI funnel. And many other people are amassing huge ROI, i mean absolutely insane ROIs becuse of this system. How can this last?
    …. Im annoyed that i had to give my email to this site. Now i will need to unsubscribe. I am personally sick of marketers. But i love this game regardless. What a confusing and yet amusing life this is.

  3. Agree with Dayton Larpenter

    There is no cost to join and you do not have to recruit anyone if you don’t want to. If you do then you get paid a commission on whatever your recruit purchases.
    You can start with as little as 50 euros (approx $60) and you get a return of your original investment plus 40% after 140 working days. That’s it. You can withdraw your return on capital as soon as it reaches 10 euros. I have tried and tested the system and it works. I am getting paid daily return on capital and receiving commissions for referrals. I have withdrawn my original investment already. It works by compound interest. No scam, no hype . It works.

  4. Check out the state of USI as of January 2018. They have closed down their affiliate program and are currently conducting an internal audit of their commission payments.


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