An unknown software developer by the name ‘Bitpico' claims that the Bitcoin SegWit2X fork is still on and is behind the website

The original message on the website read, ‘We have decided to continue with the fork as planned. We will not allow the destiny of Bitcoin to be controlled by 6 individuals. Same date – November 15th'. “We are carrying out the fork regardless as everything is set in motion,” claims Bitpico on the Segwit2x mailing list.

Most experts, including those initially on board with the SegWit2x proposal, had shrugged off the statements and the website as hollow threats. The lead developer of SegWit2X was equally dismissive, “Without the miners to enforce, it will be a tiny offshoot that mints blocks once a day or so.” However, following the news, SegWit2X(B2X) futures rose over 130% from $ 146 to $351.

More information has been added to the website as of this writing, stating not only that they are pursuing a fork but a replay protection was being explored.

‘We are a group that plan to continue with the Bitcoin2X fork. Following the community feedback, we are now exploring different replay protection addition to the fork to avoid network instability.'

Could a fork still occur or is it yet another attempt at propagating further FUD by those pumping Bitcoin Cash(BCH)? As for personal opinion, without sufficient information made available to the Bitcoin community, neither the website nor the anonymous party, Bitpico, can be taken seriously. Given this lack of transparency, it is unlikely that any major exchange will support B2X.

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