Bitcoin4All Club

Everyone is looking for ways to make ends meet. Many of those people are searching online for new ways to earn an income. What if there was a site where you could earn an unlimited amount of money by utilizing the power of blockchain and Bitcoins?

Bitcoin4All Club is a site that is unlike other money matrix systems. Unlike other sites that require monthly dues, Bitcoin4All Club offers its plan for only 0.05 BTC and you are good for life. Imagine what you could do if you constantly made money and collected Bitcoins? You don't have to live a life of want. You can join Bitcoin4All Club and see the difference.

But does Bitcoin4All Club really hold up its end of the deal? Do you really only pay 0.05 BTC and that's it? Or is that the starting cost and continues to go up like all the money matrix systems online today?

What Is Bitcoin4All Club?

According to, was registered on January 4, 2017. The site is listed as private so it is uncertain who actually owns and operates the site. You will find however on Alexa that most of the traffic comes from the Netherlands. India and Nigeria come in second as far as the percentage of traffic the site receives.

The site does offer a “Contact Us” link. However, when you click on that link you are redirected to a generic contact form. There are no phone numbers, addresses, or an email listed. When you submit a query to the site, it doesn't mention when someone will get back to you. It simply states that your message was delivered.

Bitcoin4All Club Product

Bitcoin4All Club doesn't offer any retail products. You won't find any services offered either. The only thing an affiliate can do is promote the money making opportunity and membership.

Bitcoin4All Club Opportunity

Bitcoin4All Club is basically a cash gifting system. When you first join you are required to gift 0.01 BTC to ten different people in your upline. That means the 0.01 BTC is split between 10 separate accounts. Each account basically gets 0.001 BTC of that initial 0.01 BTC.

Once you do that you are eligible to start receiving funds from your recruits once you get them.

It is important to note that two out of ten of the accounts you are gifting money to is the administrators of Bitcoin4All Club. The other eight are strictly different people in your sponsor's upline.

Now the initial 0.5 BTC is to confirm your position in all levels of the matrix. The system automatically splits the BTC into the different levels so you don't have to worry about the cost of upgrading your account. It does so without you having to do a thing or pay for anything else.

Bitcoin4All Club Verdict

There are so many red flags that come up when looking at this site. The first major red flag is not knowing who actually runs the site. It is important for a site or company to at least give a name.

That way when something comes up or questions arise there is someone to speak to. Not with Bitcoin4All Club. You get a generic contact form with no guarantee anyone will get back to you.

The second red flag that comes up is how the site states that cash gifting is perfectly legal and 100% proven to work. That statement is completely false. Once recruitment stops, the funds stop and the site will fail. There is no 100% guarantee you will be able to make money with this site.

Lastly, the site doesn’t offer any refunds. Once you sign up and put money into the system it is gone. So be careful and make sure you know what you are doing before signing up.

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