BitcoinAverage is a well-known web platform that provides real-time and updated cryptocurrency data, specifically data gathered from 39 major bitcoin exchanges and 168 fiat currency pairs. BitcoinAverage offers free and licensed access to this data.

What Is BitcoinAverage?

BitcoinAverage is a product of Blockchain Data LTD, based in London and founded by Shaun Gilchrist. The company has been providing aggregate data from Bitcoin exchanges since 2013.

The original iterations of the software – BitcoinAverage “Classic” – are open source and available from GitHub for free. Additionally, using the BitcoinAverage site itself to source exchange data is free; integrating this data into your own platform requires attribution and linking back to the original source, or purchasing a license to use the BitcoinAverage API.

BitcoinAverage Product

BitcoinAverage provides free data on global price fluctuations for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Data visualization and analysis is widely free.

However, BitcoinAverage also offers deeper access to its data for websites and businesses that need integrated cryptocurrency data solutions. There are four tiers of service, ranging from a free plan that offers basic functionality to an enterprise-level solution that costs $75 a month but comes with all the bells and whistles.

No matter the tier you or your company subscribes to, you gain access to data on more than 165 supported currency pairs, ticker updates of at least once every 15 seconds, websocket access, and at least 5000 API requests per month. Higher tier plans have shorter ticker update times, more API requests, access to higher bandwidth responses, custom index generation capabilities, free data store access, and priority tech support.

BitcoinAverage Opportunity

The opportunity that BitcoinAverage provides is twofold: first, it provides cryptocurrency hobbyists and investors alike access to high-quality real time price index information for free. Secondly, it provides websites and businesses avenues for more detailed information and integration into their existing platforms, all at affordable pricing plans.

BitcoinAverage Verdict

BitcoinAverage has been around a long time, and has grown exponentially since its inception in 2013 to become one of the largest and most trusted cryptocurrency price index aggregate feed providers anywhere. This means that any of BitcoinAverage’s services, whether free or for pay, are likely to be high-quality and well worth the money.

That being said, the average crypto enthusiast is unlikely to ever need anything more from BitcoinAverage besides access to its general free data. Additionally, hobbyists and bloggers that want to get a bit more in-depth but not to the same level of a professional crypto trader would be an unlikely candidate for any of the company’s paid API tiers.

At the same time, BitcoinAverage’s reputation for excellence makes it a perfect partner for any crypto-centric businesses that need the most accurate and up-to-date price data. If you’re looking for such a data solution, the value for money that BitcoinAverage provides will satisfy the newest of startups to the biggest of crypto conglomerates.

Either way, BitcoinAverage is likely to have something for quite literally anyone and everyone that is involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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