Bitcoiners Hub

Bitcoiners Hub is an online bitcoin scam that claims to multiply your bitcoin in a very short period of time. Find out if Bitcoiners Hub is a complete scam or a legitimate investment today in our review.

What Is Bitcoiners Hub?

Bitcoiners Hub is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to turn your 0.01 BTC into 90 BTC in a short period of time.

The website, found online at, mentions an “automatic system” with various gambling games. The “investment” is advertised as a way for anyone to get rich quick – even if you have limited experience with bitcoin or have no skills and experience with trading.

Obviously, we’ve seen plenty of similar websites appear online in the past few months. These websites all work in a similar way: they promise enormous moneymaking opportunities to people with no skills or experience. Typically, they’re just pyramid schemes, and we haven’t seen anyone actually make money from these schemes (aside from the person who created them, of course).

How does Bitcoiners Hub claim to make you rich? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Bitcoiners Hub Work?

Basically, to participate in the Bitcoiners Hub get rich quick scheme, you need to give the website a bunch of money. Then, the website will gamble your money in various gambling games. The most likely scenario is that you’ll lose all of your money. However, there’s a chance you could win money.

The games do not appear to be provably fair. There’s no information about how the games work, or what type of house edge the platform holds. For all we know, Bitcoiners Hub will steal your money and disappear immediately after you make a deposit. The website is brand new, and we can’t find any legitimate user reviews available online.

Ultimately, Bitcoiners Hub advertises itself as a gambling platform. However, in reality, the platform appears to be more of a pyramid scheme than a gambling platform. Users can make 50% commissions on referrals. The remaining 50% of your referral gest funneled up the pyramid.

Bitcoiners Hub also claims to have some sort of savings account where you can earn daily interest on your deposit. Again, you give the company money, and they magically increase your bitcoin.

Typically scams like this work in a similar way: the company collects a bunch of money, then continues paying users small amounts until the cash runs out. At that point, the Ponzi scheme collapses, and users are left without their investments.

We’re not saying Bitcoiners Hub is definitely a Ponzi scheme, but the website gives us no information suggesting it’s a legitimate business or investment.

Bitcoiners Hub Features

Bitcoiners Hub promises all of the following features:

  • Win $500 USD worth of free bitcoin
  • Win free bitcoin every 15 minutes
  • Multiply your bitcoin even further by playing 0-9 lucky draw games
  • Multiply your bitcoin playing Hi-Lo
  • Win Hi-Lo bitcoin jackpots as high as 1 BTC
  • Get a bitcoin fixed deposit account with daily interest
  • Earn 50% referral commissions for life

Ultimately, the company claims you can give them just 0.01 BTC, and your money will magically turn into 90 BTC just by recruiting 10 levels of people to the platform.

Who’s Behind Bitcoiners Hub?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin scam is when the creators of the website refuse to disclose any information about themselves or their location.

As you may have guessed, Bitcoiners Hub refuses to list any information about its management team, owners, or location. When someone expects you to send them money online without disclosing any information about themselves, you can be almost certain that you’re being scammed.

As if you needed further evidence, Bitcoiners Hub has a “Team” page under “Support”, where it mentions team members like “Jose Kurian in Operations”. When you do a reverse image search on the staff pictures, you’ll find they’ve been stolen from other websites. Jose Kurian’s image, for example, appears on a website selling eyeglasses. The company has deliberately attempted to mislead visitors.

The domain was registered on August 11, 2017 to an anonymous buyer. The only contact information listed on the website is an email address at [email protected]

Bitcoiners Hub Conclusion

Bitcoiners Hub is absolutely a scam. The company appears to take your money with no intention of giving it back. They lure users in with promises of making millions of dollars in a short period of time – even if you have no skills, experience, or aversion to risk. With a deposit of just 0.01 BTC ($40), you can get rich quick overnight and earn 90 BTC just by referring people to the platform.

Ultimately, there’s no information to suggest that Bitcoiners Hub will ever pay you a dime. Based on all of the information we can find online, Bitcoiners Hub is a blatant bitcoin scam.

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