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A HYIP is an investment system that claims to offer unbridled riches. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. It is an online investment system, which offers a great opportunity to earn big money in a short amount of time. In this article, we will talk about BitcoinInvest.eu, an HYIP company that uses bitcoin.

BitcoinInvest.eu claims to deliver double return on your BTC investment in as short as one week. This looks amazing, but is it possible? To learn about the company’s authenticity, we recommend you to visit HYIP monitors, read reviews and join trusted forums. Our site is dedicated to HYIP company reviews, which you can use as a guide in making your investment venture.

Is BitcoinInvest.eu Paying?

To know if an HYIP company is not a fraudulent investment business is not easy. You have to gather enough information to prove if they can actually pay you big money. With BitcoinInvest.eu, payment schemed is not open to the public. You won’t have any idea of how they work or what they do with BTC investment. Therefore, we recommend you to visit HYIP monitors to check their paying status and do extensive research to learn if they’re genuine or not.

Is BitcoinInvest.eu Risky?

All online investments come with big risks and so is HYIP. You need to be careful where to put your money online. You might lose everything you have if you just mindlessly invest in a company, which remains confidential in who they are and what they do. BitcoinInvest.eu claims to have a team of experts without presenting pictures or even names of their members. If you want to invest in this kind of company, you will need to take huge risks.

BitcoinINvest.eu Investment Plans

BitcoinInvest.eu offers three different investment plans to choose from:

  • Start Plan: 3.33% daily interest after 30 days
  • Expert Plan: 7.14% daily interest after 14 days
  • Deluxe Plan: 14.28% daily interest after 7 days

BitcoinInvest.eu Conclusion

Choose a genuine and trusted HYIP company to invest your money. Our site cannot guarantee that BitcoinInvest.eu is a legit investment business. As an investor, you should never trust any company without doing a thorough background check. Invest your money sensibly and be careful at all times.

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  1. bitcoininvest is a scam. When they received my btc they didn’t ask for any document but when the time I have to get my investment they ask for some personal documents. I gave their needed docs but still they didn’t give back my btc. I’m not doing this to destroy their name but to inform others who are planning to invest.

    Jun 21 (1 day ago)
    to me

    Documents you send can’t be accepted because they don’t pass our AML
    verification system. According to that we have to ask you to sent us
    notarilly attested photocopy of documents with an Apostille Clause.

    Information on legalisation (Apostille).

    The Hague convention abolishes the requirement of diplomatic and consular
    legalization for public documents originating in one Convention country
    and intended for use in another. Documents issued in a Convention country
    which have been certified by a Convention apostille are entitled to
    recognition in any other Convention country without any further
    authentication. Such recognition is an obligation on the part of any
    country in the convention to the other countries party to the Convention
    and the federal courts and state authorities have been alerted to this
    obligation. Consular officers in Convention countries are prohibited from
    placing a certification over the Convention apostille.

    We are sorry for inconvenience.

    Please provide us with the following details to get your account verified:

    • a scanned copy of an identity document:
    -National ID card (both sides) or national passport (double page);
    -International passport (double page);
    -Driving license (both sides)
    • a scanned copy of your proof of residency:
    -Utility bill
    -Electricity bill;
    -Bank statement;
    -Tax return, council tax;
    -Other documents, with an exception of electronic bills/statements,
    online screenshots, mobile phone bills or credit card statements

    • a photo of yourself holding the identity document.

    Information in the address section of the Verification Form should match
    the information in the submitted proof of residence.
    Proof of residence should be not older than 3 month. Scanned images should
    be in color and in high resolution (at least 300 dpi).

    We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this process.
    This extra verification is done for your security and to ensure that
    orders are legitimate. This industry, unfortunately, has a high rate of
    fraudulent orders, and this sort of verification helps us drastically
    reduce fraud and ensure our customers remain secure. Such documents are
    used for verification only and are not provided to third parties in
    anyway. Verification is a one time procedure, after this you will never
    face this issue again.

    The legislation that defines our AML policy is:
    Money Laundering Regulations 2007
    The Terrorism Act 2000 (TA 2000)
    The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (PoCA)

    AML regulations are designed to protect the UK financial system. If a
    business is covered by the regulations, they must implement strict
    measures to prevent it being used for money laundering by criminals and

    Maha Batayyah


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