BitcoinLand, found online at, is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to “multiply your bitcoins” at a rate of 20% ROI per day. Learn more about this scam today in our review.

What Is BitcoinLand?

BitcoinLand is a bitcoin investment scam that claims to pay users 20% interest “daily and forever” with no risk, hard work, or experience required. All you do is give the company your money, and they’ll magically increase its value by 20% every day for the rest of your life.

Some bitcoin scams are sneaky. BitcoinLand, unfortunately, isn’t one of those scams. When a company is offering you guaranteed returns of 20% per day, every day, guaranteed, you can be 100% certain that you’re being scammed. No investment opportunity is worth that much.

In any case, BitcoinLand insists that it’s the fastest growing bitcoin investment fund in the UK. The company lists a fraudulent address in Birmingham while claiming to be headquartered in London. Basically, everything about BitcoinLand is an obvious scam.

How Does BitcoinLand Work?

BitcoinLand is one of many HYIP-style bitcoin scams making their way across the community. These scams all seem to work in the same way: the scams aim to attract newbie investors with promises of high returns and easy money. Then, the company never lets users withdraw their money. Once the fund has collected enough deposits, it disappears from the internet forever.

Despite the fact that BitcoinLand is an obvious scam, the website insists that it will “multiply your bitcoins in no time”. It also describes itself as “the best investment plan of 2017.”

The company offers four different plans. The more money you give the company today, the more money you’ll make. Hourly interest rates vary from 0.42% to 0.84%.

Obviously, nobody is going to pay you 20% daily interest in exchange for borrowing your money. It just doesn’t happen outside of the world of scams. If someone did have an investment that made consistent returns of 20% or more per day, then they would have no reason to share that program with the world.

BitcoinLand Pricing

BitcoinLand offers four different plans, including:

  • 0.42% Hourly Forever: Minimum 0.001 BTC
  • 0.50% Hourly Forever: Minimum 1.001 BTC
  • 0.63% Hourly Forever: Minimum 5.001 BTC
  • 0.84% Hourly Forever: Minimum 10.001 BTC

All of these subscription plans are for the rest of your life. The company will pay you 20% interest every day, guaranteed, for the rest of your life. It’s like winning the lottery!

Of course, we can’t find a single report online of anyone getting paid from the company. And, any reports you do find online are likely just trying to recruit you into the scheme through their affiliate link.

BitcoinLand Affiliate Program

BitcoinLand has a multilevel marketing-style affiliate program where you get paid 7% on your first level, 2% on your second level, and 1% on your third level.

If you see any positive reviews for BitcoinLand online, it’s almost certainly because somebody wants you to sign up for the company through their referral link.

Who’s Behind BitcoinLand?

BitcoinLand is an obvious HYIP scam, similar to many other we’ve spotted in the community in recent weeks. So who created the scam?

Whoever created BitcoinLand took the time to register as a legitimate UK corporation. The company number is 10935703. Bitcoin Land Limited was registered on August 29, 2017. The company lists an address in Birmingham, UK. However, we can find no proof that the company actually maintains any type of office or presence at that address.

Although the company lists an address in Birmingham, the company claims to be “headquartered in London” and claims that it’s “already becoming the UK’s fastest growing bitcoin trading company.”

The website doesn’t list any information about who is managing the company, or why they’re qualified to handle your investments. It’s also important to note that BitcoinLand is not registered as an investment company in the UK – they’re just a basic corporation, which anyone can setup in minutes online.

BitCoinLand Conclusion

BitcoinLand is a very obvious scam. When someone is asking you to send money online, but refuses to disclose personal information, then that means you’re probably being scammed. And, if someone is promising you 20% daily returns for the rest of your life, guaranteed, then that’s a 100% sign you’re being scammed.

Ultimately, everything about BitcoinLand appears to be a scam – from the address, to the ROI promises, to the earnings potential. Unless you feel like donating your money to a scam artist, you should avoid BitcoinLand at all costs.

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