There are many different ways to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Some cryptocurrency traders choose to exploit arbitrage opportunities between different cryptocurrencies, some choose to invest in initial coin offerings, and some choose to simply invest and hold, anticipating long term increases in value.

There is another way to generate profit from the cryptocurrency market, however. High yield investment plans, or HYIPs, are an interesting and dynamic option that offers fast-moving investors the opportunity to generate a significant amount of income in a short amount of time.

High yield investment plans typically use investor capital to fund aggressive investment strategies into the cryptocurrency market, the traditional stock market, and the forex market. While these programs do offer guaranteed returns, they do, however, often present withdrawal issues at later stages of their operation, so it’s best to get in early and get out fast.

In this article, we’ll take a look at, a relatively new player in the HYIP ecosystem, and find out what they offer to help you determine whether they’re taking a closer look at.

What Is Bitcoinly? is a high yield investment plan that focuses on the Bitcoin market. The platform has been active since 2016, and is run by a team that has been involved in cryptocurrencies since the earliest days of their use.

The platform is extremely simple for a HYIP. Instead of offering multiple investment plans, the platform instead offers one simple plan that generates guaranteed returns.

How Bitcoinly Works is easy and simple to use. After creating an account, investors deposit BTC into their investment fund, which immediately begins accruing interest.

The platform offers a 3.6% daily return on investment, which works out to 0.15% return per hour. The minimum investment for this plan is $0.001 BTC, with no maximum deposit cap. Initial capital deposited into accounts is available after 120 days.

Bitcoinly Conclusion

The platform is a simple and straightforward high yield investment program that is upfront and clear about the terms and conditions of their investment process. It’s also worth noting that new accounts are provided with a new account bonus of 5% on deposits. boasts 700 total accounts, has currently been running for eight days, and has received more than $117,430 in deposits. If you’re considering getting into the high yield investment program market, is definitely worth taking a closer look at.

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  1. Looks like bitcoinly has vanished, along with every ones money!
    I hope there maybe some thing which can be done to track and recover money, but I very much doubt it.


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