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Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is Catching Fire on Twitter as Crypto Community Plays Hot Potato with BTC LN

Bitcoin Lightning Torch has been one of the most discussed topics in the crypto ecosystem for the past month.

Until now, since it debuted on January 19, the ‘Lightning Torch’ gathered 3.2 million satoshis, close to $115. The Bitcoin Lightning Torch has been passed 187 times from 178 unique users. Recently, the CEO of Shapeshift Eric Voorhees has the possession of the torch who received the torch from Justin Sun, the founder of Tron.

He passed the torch to Keith Ammon, who apparently introduced Erik to Bitcoin.

The twitter user Hodlonaut started the tipping service to send the first transaction believing that it was something fun to do.

The project has touched many high profile users. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the CEO of Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world Tweeted that he advocated for Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, to be the next participant of a Lightning Network initiative named the Bitcoin Lightning Torch.

After inviting Elon Musk to light the torch, he was called by Charlie Lee, the founder of the Litecoin Foundation, but he has turned him down by saying that “he will get it soon enough” and that he wanted to “harass brother Elon Musk a bit more” before parting with the digital torch.

Other notable torch-bearers in the week-long experiment include @Excellion or Samson Mow, the outspoken Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer. Mow once spoke so fervently in favor of Bitcoin Core that Gavin Andresen labeled both him and Gregory Maxwell “toxic trolls.” In addition to Samson Mow, @aantonop or Andreas Antonopoulos previously took the torch and passed it to pseudonymous Peter Parker. is progressively developing as a website and potentially a movement. Every time we visit it, the appearance has changed, and the list of people who’ve received the torch has grown longer. It now sports a meme gallery.

This has been a very successful marketing campaign for the Lightning Network, an off-chain Bitcoin solution that was created in order to make payments faster. This initiative has only existed for about three weeks so far and several high-profile people have already been a part of it. The idea is that Bitcoin transactions are being made by the users and passed on the next, just like an Olympic Torch.




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